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5 Factors That Can Crash Your Entrepreneurship Dream

by Olufisayo
Entrepreneurship Dream

Now that the world systems can no more guarantee 100% job security, there is need for an alternative. The most reasonable alternative in the world today is, starting up the business of your own, known as; Entrepreneurship

An Entrepreneur is a person who is enterprising in nature, he is a risk taker, and he builds capital through risk taking using his initiatives.

There are different types of entrepreneur, I will classify them into self made entrepreneurs and conditional entrepreneur. The self made had developed the entrepreneurship habit right from when they were young, just like in-born, but not really.

Entrepreneurship Dream

The conditional entrepreneurs are pushed based on the situation they found themselves, e.g., maybe they were unable to get a paid job, and at a chance somebody introduced something to them and gets started, or maybe, they just got retired or retrenched and in a search for survival, they began a trade.

The conventional system of living these days is fond of “go to school,” “get a certificate,” and “look for a job”. Only few are able to think in a sense that without a certificate, I can survive. Out of the few that thought in that way, only few are the once that actually live up to their dreams, the rest gave up and looked for something else, like a paid job to do. The probably reasons why they gave up from their entrepreneurship dream are discussed in this write up.

Factors that can crash your entrepreneurship dream

How to get started

Many at a time, different business ideas cross our mind, but when we take time to about think about it, only the negative aspect of starting up keeps ringing in our mind. I must tell you for real, its not easy to start up a business. Instead of looking over for a driving force, we will be looking on the excuses, and 1001 reasons why we cannot start up. These thoughts bring about fear of taking risk, and the long run, the entrepreneurship dream just gradually dies away.

Lack of Fund

Many at a time, these are most of the excuses people give in starting up a business, they say things like, “I have got no money,” “where will I get a loan” etc. The truth of the matter is that when the entrepreneurship dream in you is strong with a determination, the same force will drive you to look for fund, you may have to work a dirty part time job, or do some menials somewhere, all because you know what you are looking for. Funding is not really the issue, but you. It is true that loans are not easy to get, but the drive inside of you can move you to where the loan is, if that is what it take in order to fulfil your entrepreneurship dream.

Peer association

There is a saying that “evil communications corrupt good manners”. Sometimes friends and peers lead us astray, when you have got no will of your own, you can’t get anywhere. For example, when I was thinking of starting my own business, a friend is always discouraging me, always emphasizing on the risk and advising me to take up a job, pushing me away from my entrepreneurship dream. But instead, I had to give him a space at the moment in order to get started and I started and the he eventually celebrated my success. Sometimes, you have to disobey; you have to deny yourself of certain friends in order to get things done. You get closer to like minds and people that will stare you up instead of crushing your entrepreneurship dream.

Wrong Location

Sometimes, the location you are situated may work against you, you will have to look for a place that will suite and fuel your entrepreneurship dream. A friend of mine was proposing a pig farm, looking out for where he can scale out in his compound to rear piglets, immediate his neighbor got to know his intension, they kicked up against him, but he never stopped because of that, someone advice him to hire a pen at a remote farm, now he is doing well in business. He changed location to facilitate his entrepreneurship dream.

Lack of focus

It is true that so many ideas flows through you, but if you want to do all at a time, you will end up as a loser, like a song will say, “One step at a time”. I once had a friend who was trained to as fishing cloth designer, at a time, in an attempt to seek for pastures that are more greener, he pursued a dream of going to the UK, to buy some goods to come back home to sell, later, he said he will like to be a fish farmer, another time, he wanted to do exportation, and all along, he couldn’t do any. Shifting of focus quickly wrecks your entrepreneurship dream.


These five issues are checked so as to know what you are possible to face in an attempt to become an entrepreneur, if you are able to put them behind you and forge ahead, you have just been able to liven up your entrepreneurship dream.

Feel free to share your challenges when you are about starting your business, or tell us how this article has helped you if you were fortunate to read this while trying to start up.


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