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Entrepreneurship with Tal Melenboim – What Happens When Digital and Technology Meet

by Olufisayo
Tal Melenboim

Tal Melenboim is a visionary. His technical expertise is surpassed only by his entrepreneurial flair, both of which are extraordinary. Over the years, Tal’s ventures have generated tremendous fanfare from leading technology moguls, international media channels, and talking heads.

Foremost among Melenboim’s specialties are augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. As a multifaceted expert in the technical arena, Melenboim’s capabilities are on full display for all to see.

Tal Melenboim

Source: Tal Melenboim LinkedIn

I Stopped – Positive Peer Pressure Made Me Do it

Many people have habits they want to break. It’s difficult to get the support you need to break a bad habit when you’re going through the motions all alone.  However, an app service called ‘I Stopped’ made it much easier for people to use the power of social media for great results. This ingenious app by Melenboim and company really worked. Some 60 million people+ are self-identified addicts. Whether it’s eating unhealthy foods, smoking, drinking, drugging or other bad behaviors, people need help and they need community support.

The ‘I Stopped’ app gets the social community on your side. They will watch your activity and comment on what you’re doing – keeping you motivated. The company which created the app – SCORE: plug knows that support groups work, and so does their product. According to Tal, ‘You commit in front of everyone you know. This provides you with motivation, but also a strong commitment to stick to your decision. No one wants to disappoint their friends and loved ones.’ Based on this, Tal Melenboim’s initiative was a hit, and all it took was a little imaginative flair.

Creating a Marketing Virtual with a Digitized Influencer


Source: ZoeDvir Instagram

In order to be effective, technology must be able to deliver a useful product or service. To this end, Melenboim and his business partner have successfully created a virtual persona on Instagram known as Zoe Dvir. This digital influencer has all the makings of a wunderkind which can be fully customized to a client’s specific needs. Zoe Dvir is the Instagram equivalent of SIMONE starring Al Pacino.

However, Zoe Dvir is a true creative marvel. This fashionable millennial caters to today’s customer base, irrespective of the demographic, socio-economic status, or preference. With Zoe Dvir, Melenboim and team can easily tailor any marketing campaign to perfection. The character represents anyone and everyone. She is exactly what is needed, and she connects with her target audience because she has been designed accordingly. The founders of Zoe Dvir understand precisely how important digital influencer marketing is in the modern age.

By leveraging the power of social media, and crafting tailored marketing campaigns based on hard data, it is possible to create a marketing campaign which is reliable, effective, and converting. Consider that one of the best exponents of virtual influencer marketing, Lil Miquela reached an incredible 1.5 million followers on Instagram, outperforming real-life models with percentages of 1.77% engagement versus 1.39% engagement.

From concept to creation, Melenboim and co-founder Dan Edry have the requisite experience in digital technology to craft a cutting-edge marketing solution for social media. Zoe Dvir is instantly likeable since she meets all the check marks required by a company for its clientele. She’s cool, she’s appealing, she’s all of us. The business model in this virtual influencer start-up is one which seeks to create multiple personalized avatars for different brands, sectors, and industries.

The long-term objective is the creation of the right audience for each business. By employing the most sophisticated digital marketing technologies and solutions, concepts like Zoe Dvir are already having a big impact on business. For businesses, analytics are easily acquired in terms of who your audience is, where your audience is from, and what type of engagement levels you are generating through the campaign.

Entrepreneurial Flair with Patents Aplenty

Entrepreneurial Flair

Source: ARVR Project

Any inventor worth his salt understands that it’s important to protect the intellectual and property rights of your creations. For Tal Melenboim this certainly holds true. According to Justia Patents, Melenboim holds multiple patents in the United States. These include patents for systems and methods for dynamically generating animated GIF files for delivery via the network, systems and methods thereof for displaying video content, and systems and methods thereof for generating a synchronized audio with an imagized video clip respective of a video clip, among others. These inventions are indicative of the technological know-how that drives his software development.

One of the most exciting new developments by Melenboim and company is AR/VR, a comprehensive SDK with incredible capabilities. This solution features innovative technology that bridges the gap between the physical world and the virtual world. With this technology, objects can be identified and data can be transmitted in real time. This has plenty of positive ramifications for developers. By combining AR/VR SDK with decision-making processes, increased congruency is possible between software and the real world.

This cutting-edge solution is set to hit the markets soon, with SDK installation is expected later in the year. The AR/VR system extracts real information from the environment and then relays it in real-time. This means that developers have enhanced information about their users. At the end of the day, this translates into greater monetization ability by way of brand targeting. Watch this space, an entrepreneur’s work is never done.

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