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Everything You Need to Know As a Manufacturer about EVA Foam Cases

by Olufisayo
EVA Foam Cases

Ever since its inception, ethylene-vinyl acetate foam (referred to as EVA foam from here on out) has been one of the most widely used manufacturing materials in the world. Brands and businesses across countless industries have taken advantage of this ethylene and vinyl acetate copolymer.

The reason why EVA foam is the preferred manufacturing material for everything from sneaker soles to hard-shell protective cases for military equipment is its tremendous versatility, durability, and overall resistance to harsh external conditions.

There are numerous manufacturers across the world who produce custom cases and equipment from EVA, with a large number of high-quality EVA case manufacturers in the USA.

Whether you need to develop a custom protective case for your business’s product line, want to upgrade your current case manufacturing abilities, or simply want to learn more about why this material outperforms other (more traditional) materials, we cover it all in the following sections. Before we delve into the long list of benefits of EVA, let’s first get into the basics of what exactly EVA is.

The Basics of EVA (And Why It’s So Great)

We’ve already established the fact that EVA is the copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate, but what exactly is a copolymer?

For the sake of brevity, a copolymer is essentially the combination of two different materials to create a completely modified material suitable for whatever specific manufacturing purposes are required. You can think of copolymerization as the enhancement/combination of two different materials into one cohesive material.

EVA is an incredibly versatile manufacturing material, and its large range of uses across numerous industries and verticals proves this. In regards to custom cases, though, the material is nearly unmatched in customization options, durability, and overall flexibility. Below we cover some of the details regarding why businesses love using EVA for their custom case needs.

The Benefits of Using EVA in Manufacturing Custom Cases

Compared to the traditional options (e.g. hard plastic cases or even those with metal bases), EVA outperforms in nearly every category one can think of. The material is known for its extreme versatility, durability, and overall protection qualities.

This is why EVA is one of the most popular manufacturing materials for businesses that need to protect their sensitive products/equipment. Below is a list of some of the primary benefits of EVA – especially when it comes to using it as a manufacturing material for protective cases:

  • Highly resistant to extreme temperature ranges
  • Extremely versatile during the manufacturing process (increased customization options)
  • Strong anti-friction capabilities
  • Lowered cost of manufacturing (specifically in terms of tooling costs)
  • Completely customizable in terms of exterior shape, color, etc.
  • Strong resistance to pressure-related cracks
  • Able to absorb high-energy impacts and vibrations
  • Very lightweight compared to traditional materials (e.g. hard plastic and metal)

Choosing the Right EVA Foam Case Manufacturer

There are several things that a company should consider before going with any one manufacturer. The first, and arguably most important aspect, is the level of customization that the manufacturer offers. There’s no point in going with a manufacturer that won’t be able to deliver exactly what you need to protect your products/equipment.

It’s recommended to have a few consultations with different manufacturers prior to signing any production contracts. This also allows you to compare costs, production abilities, and customization options. There are numerous EVA manufacturers, but chances are that only a handful have the experience, expertise, and production quality that your business actually needs.

Pricing is another major aspect to take into consideration. While it’s true that EVA cases have lowered tooling costs than hard plastic or metal-based cases, a higher level of customization generally translates to a higher manufacturing cost.

This is something that shouldn’t be overlooked when selecting a manufacturer. Also, keep in mind the fact that nearly all EVA case manufacturers have minimum order quantities (with most starting in the low to mid-hundreds).

The last major thing that you need to look for in a quality manufacturer is their level of production experience and ability. Naturally, you should go with a manufacturer that has the highest level of manufacturing ability that your business can afford.

One of the most common issues with lower-level manufacturers is having your custom case be put on a backlog due to production issues. Choosing a manufacturer with a top-notch reputation (along with demonstrated production abilities) is key in ensuring the smooth development of your custom case.

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