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Excel Capital’s Quick and Easy Small Business Loan Application: Here’s What You Need to Know

by Olufisayo
Small Business Loan

Need a fast business loan to keep your business or company going? Are you having a hard time applying for a bank loan for your startup or new business? If the answer is yes, then Excel Capital Management can help you a lot.

Actually, this company provides a wide variety of loan selections such as small business loans for women all with great customer service. Furthermore, they offer repayment plans that are flexible to suit your business needs.

On the other hand, whether you want a merchant cash advance structured payment plans, Excel Capital has something for your business.

Small Business Loan

Even so, Excel Capital is the industry leader when it comes to processing a loan application as they are using a unique method. They also offer a straightforward loan application process which does away with several of the frills of obsolete financial organizations while distributing the capitals you need more rapidly.

Nevertheless, if you’re interested in how Excel Capital process loan application then you’ve come to the right place.

How Excel Capital Process Small Business Loan Applications?

As what we have mentioned above, Excel Capital uses a unique method for their application as well as qualification processes, putting a bigger focus on your current financial health and assessment over credit history.

Intrinsically, the company will ask to get recent bank and credit card statements when they are reviewing their application.

However, to get on track, you’re required to answer their initial 1-page application. After 24 hours, the company will show you the various financing options offered before working with the company’s funding specialist to choose the best option that fits your company needs.

When you’ve selected your loan options, Excel Capital will walk you over the other steps of the application process.

On the other hand, after you’ve completed the loan process and it is approved, you’re qualified to accept money in as early as two days.

There’s no doubt, Excel Capital’s simplified application process results in easier and faster financing.

Is It Safe to Borrow From Excel Capital?

Since Excel capital has made the process of getting a small business loan a lot easier than ever, some people are asking if is it safe to borrow from this company.

Well, getting a loan from Excel is extremely safe. If your main concern is regarding data security, no worries because it does a great job.

Apart from that, they are also transparent when it comes to the measures they take in order to protect their client’s information.

For example, their initial application will not ask you regarding sensitive information. On the other hand, you’ll be mandated to give detailed financial information when you have finished the qualification part of your loan application.

In addition to that, the company keeps your details on secured and safe serves which feature industry-standard electronic as well as physical security measures.

Credit Services Offered by Excel Capital for Small Businesses

  • Startup loans
  • Business lines of credit
  • SBA loans
  • Invoice Factoring
  • Equipment financing
  • Term loans
  • Merchant cash advance

Even so, the above-mentioned credit services offer various repayment models and different terms that are fit for all types of business models

Loan Requirements

  • No open economic failure/bankruptcy proceedings, tax, and legal issues
  • Proof of operating industry of two months
  • For some credit services, the applicant should have gross monthly deals of $10000.
  • Credit card and banks statements
  • Minimum credit score between 620 & 700.

Excel Capital’s Best Features

Apart from having a quick loan process, listed below are some of the impressive features of the company.

  • Valued informative blog
  • No hidden fees
  • Great customer service
  • Qualification depends on the current company valuation as well as financial health
  • 90 percent approval rate
  • Receive funds as early as three days
  • Offer lots of credit service


Without a doubt, Excel Capital’s quick loan application is superb. In addition, they are also helping the small business owner to get difficult-to-obtain credit services from other financial institutions.

Either way, if you are planning to expand your small business or having some issues regarding cash flow, Excel Capital Management can offer you a swift as well as straightforward financing solution that will meet your financing needs.

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