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What’s Unique About The Executive MBA?

by Olufisayo
Executive MBA

Many people think that an MBA is a “one size fits all” degree for the young, semi-experienced professional. However, more seasoned professionals may not benefit as much from a regular MBA degree; they may seek out a more specialized MBA degree – the Executive MBA.

The Executive MBA is specifically designed for the business-person who is more advanced in his or her career. The degree can help evolve his or her knowledge of leadership, strategy, innovation, management and more. Reflective of the unique nature of this degree is the average age of a typical Executive MBA – 37.2 years.

On top of schoolwork, many Executive MBA students continue to work, which is why EMBA programs are flexible and geared towards elevating career performance nearly right away. Online Executive MBA programs contribute to this flexibility and allow students to graduate in two years (in most cases). Want to learn more about the benefits of attaining an Executive MBA degree online? Visit http://embaonline.wsu.edu/executive-mba/

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