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Why Investing in Expensive Carrier Bags Makes Branding Sense for Premium Retail Outlets

by Olufisayo
Expensive Carrier Bags Makes Branding

An increasing number of shops are now investing in more expensive carrier bag options. This trend is already well established in retail outlets that sell premium items.

This begs the questions does it make sense to buy wholesale luxury carrier bags for shops? For shops that are looking to bolster their customer satisfaction and branding efforts, the short answer is yes.

However, before we reveal the top 4 reasons why buying expensive wholesale luxury carrier bags for shops is a great investment, let’s get the basics right.

Expensive Carrier Bags Makes Branding

What is a Luxury Carrier Bag?

There is some confusion with the definition of luxury bags. While there is no industry standard there are some features that elevate a regular carrier bag and give it its luxury status.

First and probably the most important is a beautiful rope handle. The marriage of rope and paper makes the entire package looks more premium and of course adds to the carrying capacity of these bags.

It also goes without saying that luxury carrier bags need to be crafted from high-quality paper. There are cheap paper bags available in the market made from 120gsm paper. While affordable, the 120gsm paper looks and feels flimsy. Therefore, most luxury paper bags are crafted from thicker 170 or 250gsm laminated paper.

4 Reasons to Buy Luxury Carrier Bags

Boosts Branding Potential: Luxury paper carrier bags have two flat sides. Unlike fabric or plastic, these sides remain flat at all times and thus are perfect mediums for shop logos and marketing messages. The premiumness of luxury bags makes them instantly noticeable on the streets, which invariably ensures better brand visibility.

Ensures Customer Satisfaction: The primary reason why most premium outlets prefer luxury carrier bags over cheap ones is customer satisfaction. This can be explained by a simple real-world example. Imagine going into a Rolex shop and buying an expensive watch. While the watch would come inside a luxurious box, the entire experience can be spoilt if the shopkeeper hands you the watch inside a cheap plastic carry bag.

Increases Brand Value: No customer wants to be associated with brands that seem cheap. Customers would much rather find offers and deals to buy a product manufactured by high-value brand than to simply opt to buy a product made by a company with low perceived brand value. One of the ways to fortify brand value and thereby customer loyalty is to make sure all items with the shop’s logo looks and feels luxurious. By featuring a shop logo on a luxury carrier bag, businesses can instantly increase the perceived value of their brands.

Promotes Bag Reusability: Carrier bag reusability goes a long way into reducing plastic wastage. However, there is also a selfish, profit-centric reason for promoting reusability. When customers reuse luxury carrier bags, the logos on these bags get more time on the streets to attract more attention to the brand. Considering that carrier bag reusability is only possible if the bags themselves are more durable, luxury carrier bags crafted from quality craft paper certainly fit the bill.

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