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6 Reasons You Need an Extended Auto Warranty

by Olufisayo
Extended Auto Warranty

Having a car without an extended auto warranty is like saying you’re ready to lose it in case of worst-case scenarios. Don’t let this happen by securing your investments, especially those costing more and lasting a long time, including your vehicle.

Importance of Extended Auto Warranty

Since your car should last for years, it’s just smart to protect this investment, which is why many people apply for auto insurance yearly. However, you might have overlooked an essential means of guaranteed protection for the long haul, and it’s applying for an extended auto warranty.

With such, here’s a list of why you need an extended auto warranty:

1. Additional Benefits

There are a few benefits regular insurance doesn’t have the means to offer like providing free roadside assistance in case of emergency. No matter where you are and what time of the day, the company providing your warranty will make sure you’re cared for.

If the vehicle emergency is canceled, your provider would reimburse you for the hassle it caused. Additionally, if your vehicle will take time to fix, they’ll give you add-ons like free rental services.

2. Personalized Warranties

The great thing about extended auto warranties is the ability to shop and modify them based on your needs. You can choose a warranty based on your usual driving conditions, whether it involves bumper-to-bumper traffic or intensive powertrain warranties. Additionally, you can have a specialist analyze and see what your car needs for optimized performance.

3. Flexibility

Standard insurance requires car owners to have their cars fixed by the manufacturer’s authorized dealerships. However, you won’t need to take the vehicle to the car dealer’s shop with an extended warranty.

Since most companies offering the service have multiple partnered repair shops across the country, it provides you the flexibility to use your warranty in any branch near you.

4. Increased Resale Value

As mentioned, your car may last for years, but because of the technological advancements, car features get better each year, making yours outdated. Should you decide to buy another one, you could sell your vehicle for a relatively higher price.

Since an extended auto warranty is transferable, you can use it to increase your car’s resale value. Unlike cars without a warranty, they become cheaper compared to their original price.

Use your extended auto warranty to your advantage by appealing it to your potential buyers to sell it faster.

5. Peace of Mind

The great thing about owning an extended auto warranty is the peace of mind you get while driving because you know you’re covered for a multitude of grounds. Whether it’s a long road trip across the country or a simple errand to the closest convenience store, you’ll be at ease. You don’t have to be worried about almost anything since the warranty will cover unfortunate events.

Although you have to drive safely, thinking about driving without a warranty may get you out of focus, making your trip more dangerous because you’re distracted while on the road.

Moreover, the coverage doesn’t stop at the first breakdown. Since some companies offer multi-issue coverage, the warranty grants the next one as well, providing you with more coverage than regular car insurance.

6. Security after Dealer’s Warranty Ends

Although you may have a dealer’s car insurance, standard ones may only last for three years. However, your car ownership doesn’t simply end during that span, so some car owners with issues in the next year tend to rely on their limited insurance and savings to fix their cars. Worse, some even have multiple problems in the following years, despite doing everything right.

This is why it isn’t smart to solely rely on a dealership’s limited warranty. Since problems usually don’t occur in new cars, those warranties may be useless in the first few years of owning your car. Thus, don’t put you or your savings at risk by not getting an extended warranty.


You may think driving carefully is enough to keep you safe from repairs brought by car accidents, but you can never expect when and how it’ll happen. When they do and you don’t have an extended auto warranty or your dealer’s car insurance has expired, you may end up using your savings or taking out a loan. Worse, you may lose your car in worst-case car accidents, but you still have to pay the rest of your car loan.

Avoid all the hassle by getting an extended auto warranty. In this way, you’ll be relieved someone has got you covered no matter what kind of car accident you’re involved in.

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