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Do You Know These Facts About Time?( Only for Determined Entrepreneurs)

by Olufisayo
Facts About Time

If you ask anyone today about time, virtually everyone will tell you that time is something that you can never have enough of. Most of our time is occupied with work, caring for the young ones and elderly relative, thriving, relaxing, building and so on; so whatever you choose to do with it is your choice and yours alone.

Time is a resource that you can either utilize wisely or waste. No wonder Harvey Mackay said: “Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back.”

Facts About Time

Do you know that your inability to take control of your every second is related to time ability to misguide you? At the beginning of this year 2019, you must have mapped out some goals — to achieve more than your past years. But to achieve these goals, you need to get yourself abreast with these significant facts about time, and perhaps use them as a daily reminder.

1 Time waits for no one (not even for the president of the world):

Yes, it is an undeniable fact that time waits for no one, no matter your status in the world. Whether you are the richest man on earth or the most unfortunate being in existence, time won’t wait for you.  So therefore, don’t think of time as a resource you could control as you see fit, because time won’t wait for you.

2 Time stops for no one:

This is another fact about time. Never ever think that time will ever stop for you. It is a resource that ticks and ticks for 24/7. If you happen to notice that it stopped, have it in mind that it is only your watch that stopped —  and this could be as a result of dead cell; not the ‘real world time.’ Since this is the case about time, make every second of your day count. Put in your best in everything you do because “if you love your life, you won’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.’’–Bruce Lee

3 Excuse of any sort will not stop or slow down ‘time’:

If you decide to leave your office assignment undone till the day your boss needs them urgently, have it in mind that whatever excuse you craft as a shield to defend yourself will not slow down time for you. And also, the would-be punishment attached to your excuse won’t make time to take pity on you.

Thus, no matter how serious your excuse might look, even if it is an emergency of life and death, it can’t slow down time. “The way you spend your time defines who you are.’’–Jonathan Estrin

4 Your inability to make proper decisions will not delay time:

When it comes to decision making, whether you make the right one or the wrong one, time won’t stall for you. Thus, it is pretty much advisable that you make very good use of your brain when making important decisions, because if you make the wrong one, time won’t take pity and be delayed for your sake. Be wise about time.

5 Your constant complaints won’t stall time:

It is so unfortunate that some people think that their consistent complaints will make time stall for them. It is an error to conceive such thoughts. In fact, no matter how serious or voluminous you complain, time won’t stall for you. Therefore, get up from your slumber and face the situation squarely. Your time is now, don’t waste it further.

6 Your mistakes will not turn back time:

No man is born perfect. Hence, as human it is inherent for us to make mistake. Just because your whole team blames you for a particular mistake, you decide to be unproductive. Why cry over spilt milk? What is done is done. That time won’t come back again, so stop wasting your present time on brooding. Instead, learn from it and become a better you. Remember that every great man you see and or hear about today has made one or more costly mistake in the past; they’ve learnt from it and moved on, so, do the same.

7 Your anger or bad emotions won’t halt time:

No matter how irritating your anger might be, it won’t halt time. Time moves constantly and literally waits for no one. So, it is advisable that you do what it does; move with it and avoid to let your bad emotions weigh you down. For every 60 seconds you waste on anger, you’ve simultaneously lost 60 seconds of happiness.

8 Your sleep won’t pause time:

If you decide to sleep for a whole day, month or even a year, always have it in mind that time won’t pause for you. So, as a student, businessman or woman or an entrepreneur in pursuit of success, it’s an error for you to sleep longer than necessary, and to think that you ‘got time in control.’  Remember that you have same time with greats like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates etc. Be wise and don’t waste your time on too much sleep.

9 Your inability to accomplish your daily task won’t stop time.

This is another sure fact about time. Your inability to accomplish your daily task won’t affect the movement of time a bit.  No matter how bulky your workload might look like, time won’t wait for you to finish them. Hence, it is wise to stay focused so as to be able to properly maximize your time.

10 Procrastination won’t stop time from ticking:

Sadly, most of us fall victim of this. We procrastinate unnecessarily without knowing this fact about time. Time flies and waits for no one and there is no ‘’special time’’ to perfectly do a job. The best time is always now; so therefore, let us make good use of it.

Don’t waste your time on procrastination, anger, hate, worries and so on. Time will not turn back and weep along with you. Time will never stop for you to make amends. Therefore, it’s time to say “good bye” to the past and face the future. Your only time is now. So make good use of it — spend it on the right purpose, on positive thoughts and with the right people.

In conclusion, as a hustler (or entrepreneur), you can always spread your wings and soar with time. Always remember that every seconds that ticks will never come back again, so be smart, and make it count. There is no time to waste time.

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