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Adam Ferrari, Founder of Ferrari Energy Describes Finding and Retaining Top Independent Talent for Your Business

by Olufisayo
Finding and Retaining Talent

Today’s business industry thrives in a competitive environment that makes it difficult for smaller budgeted companies to retain the top talent they need. The growth and prosperity of a company often fall on the shoulders of recruiters; a great team can naturally carry a company’s level of success regardless of its size.

Adam Ferrari used his experience as a chemical engineer to start his organization Ferrari Energy, which focuses on acquisitions that aid landowners in managing their energy assets.

He intended to provide as many jobs as possible and secured top talent to expand Ferrari Energy into a forty-employee team that worked together as a family. He fought for benefits, and single-handedly pushed this initiative forward against the advisement of board members and consultants because providing for his employees was of utmost importance.

Regardless of if you have a hired team or work with independently contracted professionals, retaining and taking care of your talent is essential for meeting company goals and navigating through compound business obstacles. Ferrari recommends these tips for businesses struggling to find and keep quality talent:

Offer Innovative Benefits

Aside from salary pay, many potential hires are looking for whichever company can offer the best benefits. During these times, when health safety is as risk, providing excellent healthcare is a vital plus for employees.

Embracing flexible office hours and working from home gives potential talent the freedoms and tools that allow for a better work-life balance. Upgrading technology used for jobs to increase employee efficiency is appealing to younger generations and new talent as they graduate into the workforce.

Never Stop Inspiring

Company leaders and managers are responsible for keeping their valued employees satisfied and build trust and loyalty between workers and the organization. Devoted talent can seal the deal for a developing business’ stability. A call to company commitment stems from business leaders instilling trust, motivation, and appreciation in the work culture.

High-level business positions that choose to intermingle with all levels of the company are more likely to build relationships with top talent. Genuine relationships generated within a company between leadership and employees help create tried and dependable workers.

Employees want to follow a leader that they can find inspiration through and openly communicate with as a mentor. Management should always have the employees’ best interest in mind, regardless of the times, to establish these relationships’ success further.

Provide Opportunity

Jobs with limiting factors such as capped commission, strict unnecessary policies, lack of career accelerating options, or greedy and power-hungry management can be a turn off to top talent. Providing an opportunity for employees to climb their industry’s ladder within the company can help attract and maintain quality workers.

About Adam Ferrari

Adam Ferrari decided to launch his very own startup, Ferrari Energy. He accomplished this without any outside help, a feat he remains proud of to this day. This proved to be an impactful part of his professional career as he led a group of over 40 employees and eventually became recognized not just as an engineer, but also as an impactful leader and businessman.

One of his company’s notable achievements was providing over 2,000 unique landowners divestment and lease opportunities on their respective lands.

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