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Finding Balance for the Working Mom

by Olufisayo
Finding Balance for the Working Mom

It’s a pretty common thought to have once you start a family – how am I going to raise a family, have a life and work all at the same time? You’re not alone if this goes through your mind on a daily basis.

Being a mother is a full-time job. Add on top of that your full-time career; you’rebasically working every hour of the day. Although both are rewarding in theirownway, how do you make everything work? You want to succeed in your career and give it the time it needs, but you also want to give your children the best life they deserve. Both require an enormous amount of attention.

The answer is not a one-size-fits-all sort of deal. Each mother has her ways of balancing out her life. But there are a few tips that can be beneficial to any mother in need of finding that balance.

Finding Balance for the Working Mom

Utilize Childcare

Unless you are working from home or you and your spouse have opposite work schedules, you will need someone to watch the kids while you are at work. Good thing there are people out there that specialize in childcare for someone just like you.

Sending your kids to daycare can be very beneficially for their well-being. They have the opportunity to interact with adults and children every day. An excellent daycare will also have a structured program that involves educational playtime.

Ask around for references for childcare. Make sure to do some background research to ensure they are licensed to run a daycare facility.

Stay Focused at Work

As a working mother, your time is very limited. You do not want to waste your time at work on distractions that will make you take your work home. Now you are cutting into your family time.

Limit as many distractions as possible to help keep you focused on the job at hand. This includes extended coffee breaks, gossiping with employees, surfing the internet and anything else that causes you to be less productive at work. The more you can achieve during office hours, the more time you have to spend at home with the family.

Stay Focused at Home

Just as you should focus on your work during office hours, you also want to be focused at home. When you are with your kids, make most of the time you have. Do not be distracted by emails, phone calls or upcoming work projects. If there is a pressing matter you need to finish, wait until the kids are asleep.

Ease Your Future Mind

The more you can do to plan for down the road, the better (and easier) life will be. Have short-term and long-term plans for the family. Keeping a calendar of upcoming events that everyone can see will help keep the family on the same page.

But easing your mind for the future should also include the possibility of you not being around. Although it is not something you want to think about, you cannot guarantee life. Investing in a life insurance policy from top life insurance companies will help protect your family if you were no longer around.

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