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Comfort and Clear Connectivity: Five Factors for Finding the Right Headsets for Your Work Team

by Olufisayo
Finding the Right Headsets for Your Work Team

If your company has invested thousands of pounds on finding the right premises and invested heavily in a computer system, furniture and even a training programme, then a would be a great shame to fall down at the final planning hurdle, by compromising on the quality of the headsets used.

Put some thought into what you want out of your headsets and how they should be able to perform for the staff who will be wearing them, and you have an excellent chance of gaining a competitive edge over your rivals and achieving better than expected sales results.

Here are 5 Factors for Finding the Right Headsets for Your Work Team

Finding the Right Headsets for Your Work Team


One the key factors to consider is the ergonomics of how the headsets are going to be used. The health and safety of your staff always needs to be a strong consideration and you should ideally invest in a versatile headset like the range available at liGo , so that people can move around or away from their desk to maintain their level of comfort, whilst carrying out their work.


With the best will in the world, and no matter how diligent and compliant you think your call centre staff are, the headsets you buy will suffer a fairly constant barrage of abuse and misuse as they are subjected to the dangers of being run over by a chair after being dropped on the floor, or tidied away in a draw with little regard to their welfare once they are out of sight at the end of a shift.

You need to invest in a headset that is going to withstand daily use on an industrial scale and still be able to perform to the best of its capabilities without displaying signs of wear and tear, or actually breaking altogether.


Having taken steps to ensure that your staff are comfortable with an ergonomic chair and a well-designed workstation, you need to make sure that the headset they are given to wear is also sufficiently comfortable to be wear for hours at a time without the operator noticing them.

If the headset is uncomfortable, your staff member will be distracted from their work by almost constantly trying to adjust them in order to make them try and feel and fit better. You could consider buying several different models of headsets so that staff can make a choice as to which one they prefer.

Some models have swivelling ear cushions and various adjustable settings to choose from, which gives the wearer more opportunity to find a setting and fitting that suits them better than simply having to make do with one standard fitting.


Talking whilst on the move is sometimes an option that needs to be catered for and even if they stay within the confines of their workstation, having a wireless headset will allow them the flexibility to be able to stand up and exercise their legs whilst still carrying on with their calls.

You can get headsets that have a range of up to 300 feet and use Bluetooth technology for easy pairing, so check the capabilities of the headset that you are considering buying.


You stand a better chance of getting a good return on your investment if you buy good quality headsets that are less likely to need periodically repairing, but as already stated, there will still be times when the headsets need repairing or simply need a maintenance overhaul.

Check what warranties are available on the headsets you want to buy and find out if you can get a service contract to cover you for replacement parts as well as repairs, so you are never short of the right amount of headsets required.

If you can achieve comfort and good connectivity, then you have probably found the right headset.

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