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4 Unconventional Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

by Olufisayo
Fitness Resolutions

It’s that time of year again, when, stuffed from all the holiday meals, you start making resolutions to get in shape. New Year’s Resolutions can be a fantastic motivator for getting fit – the changing of the year is a ceremonial time when everyone turns over a new leaf, and can provide the requisite fire under your butt to finally get healthy.

There’s only one small problem. The conventional way of getting in shape, by signing up to a sterile, brightly lit gym and slogging for hours a week, doesn’t inspire much excitement. That’s the reason for the so-called February slump – after peak gym attendance in January, people start thinning out when they realize it’s just not that much fun.

If you want to make a fitness resolution this year and stick with it in the long term, you have to think outside the box. These four fitness regimens may center on unconventional activities, but they’re each fun and exciting, ensuring that, come February, you don’t feel burnt out.

Circus Acrobatics

Say what you will about circus acrobats, but they’re some of the fittest, toned and healthy people out there. And whereas their patented fitness regimen used to be a trade secret, comprised of closed-door training sessions, nowadays, you can find circus acrobatic facilities that embrace the public.

It’s a fantastic workout, but it’s also a fun one, teaching you new ways to lift, contort and move your body. If one of your fitness resolutions this year is to work on your flexibility, leave the yoga to everyone else and try circus acrobatics.

Axe Throwing

Normally associated with bachelor parties, birthday gatherings and work outings, axe throwing is actually a terrific workout. For those unfamiliar with the new sport fad, you can pretty much glean what it is by the name: standing opposite a wooden board with a painted target, you practice your axe throwing skills against an opponent, seeing who can throw closest to the bull’s eye.

You can either drop in for axe throwing, or join an axe throwing league for eight weeks. Either way, you’ll find an addictive, exhilarating way to stay fit in the New Year.

Adult Jungle Gym

Much like circus acrobatics above, an adult jungle gym foregoes the weights, machines and treadmills of a traditional gym for something a little more… whimsical. Taking you back to the carefree days of your childhood, while toning your muscles and increasing your stamina, adult jungle gyms are perfect for fitness-aspiring adults who aren’t ready to grow up just yet.


Parodied on the Comedy Central television show Nathan for You (who created a fake fitness movement aptly titled “The Movement”) moving things is nevertheless a great workout. And if you’re looking for an unconventional way to get fit, it’s worth considering. Volunteer to help friends move whenever possible, or – better yet – volunteer at a local charity that needs help moving and stacking boxes. The simple act of lifting, squatting and moving is great for the core.

This New Year, if you’re tired of trying and failing at the gym with all the other Resolution-chasers, try one of these unorthodox fitness activities!

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