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Make Fleet Safety a Priority in 2021

by Olufisayo
Fleet Safety

A safe fleet is a more efficient fleet. When you make safety a priority in 2021, you can reduce the risk of accidents and downtime. With technology and clear processes, you can get a bird’s eye view of how well your vehicles and their drivers are performing.

If you are ready to shake things up in 2021 and take your company to the next level, start with your fleet. With the following safety tips, you could save time and money:

Install Smart Cameras in Your Vehicles

There are many benefits that come from installing smart cameras in your fleet. With the help of built-in Artificial Intelligence and data captured in real-time, managers can train and coach drivers while they are on the road.

Smart cameras will also capture video footage of any incidents, and will instantly alert you if there’s an issue on the road. Having clear footage can protect your drivers in the case of an accident, and may be useful in a police investigation.

Put Your Drivers First

You rely on the skill and dedication of your drivers to get your fleet to its destination. Investing in your drivers with training and time can have an impact on safety. Your team should feel comfortable taking breaks as required, as driver error can increase with fatigue. Be available to answer questions, and give your drivers support when it’s needed.

Tracking software can give you insights into safe driving, and you can use this information to change behaviors. For example, you can offer incentives and rewards for safe driving. Understand the experience of your team, allocating the right routes to the right people.

Have Consistent Company Policies

Your team should all be on the same page, and this starts with consistent company policies. A fleet manager can be a valuable addition to your team. They will schedule maintenance, assign drivers to routes, and manage budgets. With the help of a fleet manager, you can create a set of rules and regulations.

This should include details on how to report road incidents, and what consequences there may be for drivers at fault. Check-in regularly with your team to ensure they are up to date with any policy or law changes.

Maintain Your Fleet

Servicing your vehicles will help you avoid any unnecessary breakdowns and boost reliability. Fleet management software can be an important piece of the puzzle, notifying you when maintenance is due.

When you spread out your scheduled, preventative maintenance, downtime will be reduced. During your routine services, the mechanic may check the brakes and gaskets, change tires and oil, and inspect the motor and electronics. The length of time between maintenance may vary, but somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 miles is recommended.

Prioritizing Safety in 2021

Make 2021 the year that you make fleet safety your number one priority. Start by installing smart cameras to get an accurate picture of any incidents. Real-time data can help you coach your drivers, and help you monitor their progress.

Maintain your fleet with regular, scheduled services, flagging potential issues before they occur. Consider hiring a fleet manager to help you create consistent company policies that your team can all follow.

Don’t forget to encourage safe driving by offering incentives, and get to know your drivers and their skills and abilities. With open communication and a supportive work environment, you can reduce accidents caused by driver errors.

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