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The New Generation of Ford Medium Duty Trucks

by Olufisayo
Ford Medium Duty Trucks

Many American businesses are driven by trucks.

But we’re talking large trucks, not the kind you see often on the highway or in your neighbor’s driveway. These are industrial strength vehicles, meant to haul and carry. They’re at home on the job site and command a tremendous amount of power. This is one utility vehicle that’s inseparable from American business and industry, and it’s one that Ford continually innovates.

Their 2016 medium duty truck is no exception.

Ford Medium Duty Trucks

The 2016 version beats out the outgoing model in many respects. And in many cases, the differences aren’t in the places you’d normally look. In one case, you can’t look at all. This is because we’re talking about noise.

Medium and large duty trucks have always been loud; it has always just been part of the user experience. But the engineers at Ford have found a way around this and have designed the new medium duty truck to be 45% quieter than the outgoing model.

The differences and improvements do not stop there. These trucks are more comfortable. They are available in different configurations for maximum business versatility (tractor or straight frame configuration). Available for CNG or LPG fuel types. What’s more, they are all sold and serviced at the same convenient location. No matter where in the country you live, there is a Ford dealership nearby. This will provide you with maximum convenience, no matter what happens to your truck. Your business will have maximal uptime.

All of these elements make the new 2016 Ford medium duty truck a smart choice for businesses. From improvements as integral as fuel and function type, to as “frivolous” as interior comfort, these trucks are the industry standard for affordability and reliability. Drive your business with the new Ford medium duty truck, available in options that work for you.

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