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Four Entrepreneurs to Inspire and Motivate You

by Olufisayo
Four Entrepreneurs to Inspire and Motivate You

Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit? That “special something” that helps you think outside the box and seek change? Whether you own and operate a business or you simply embrace a mindset that always asks questions and thinks critically about your work, you’re someone who is always looking to improve.

So where to start? You might be at any sort of financial position in your life. You could be just starting to walk your own path towards adulthood and financial independence. You could be recently graduated with bright eyes and some student debt to take care of. You could be set up with a family and mortgage, and trying to save for your children’s future.

Regardless of your personal situation, it’s possible that you are experiencing some level of financial stress that is challenging your dreams. Anyone can suffer from debt management and issues with credit, which is why it’s so important to know where to go for debt relief from industry experts to help you out.

Start with Your Debt

Your dreams may be big, but is your debt getting in the way? If you’re facing insolvency and your debt has started to impact other aspects of your life, there is a way to turn things around.

A Licensed Insolvency Trustee (formerly known as a bankruptcy trustee) can guide you through debt relief. Their compassionate and knowledgeable approach will ensure that you get to the root cause of your financial issues and that you establish a long-term plan to avoid troublesome debt in the future.

Oprah Winfrey

Who doesn’t love her? She’s been a calming voice and television icon for years and has branched into all aspects of media production and business. And she certainly had to work to get to where she is today since she was famously let go from her first television anchor job when her boss said she was “unfit for television news.”

Natalie M. Cofield

She is the millennial founder and CEO of Walker’s Legacy and Walker’s Legacy Foundation, businesses that began as a lecture series for entrepreneurial women.

Today, her endeavours have evolved into a resource and support organization focused on professional development. Her business is focused on giving the mentorship and advice she received in her life (as well as the things she wishes she had known).

Daymond John

He is a multi-millionaire marketing whiz and an investor on the ABC show Shark Tank, but that isn’t the end of Daymond John’s entrepreneurial legacy.

He launched the clothing line Fubu in 1989 and really gave it his all, even working at Red Lobster to supplement his income during the first six years of the business. He always knew the entrepreneurial path was for him, however, and persevered through the toughest moments. Today, he has an estimated net worth of $300 million.

Looking Toward the Future

In the world of business, the entrepreneurial spirit will get you far, but you have to maintain it and push through the rough patches. All dedicated businesspeople know that they have to work extra hard to make a name for themselves.

After all, it’s a competitive world out there! You might have a long journey ahead, but hopefully, these bright business stars can guide you through your own journey.

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