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Freelance like a King – Infographic

by Olufisayo
freelance like a king

Freelancing – probably the best cars earning method this year. Along with the information gathered by Zeqr in the infographic below, you’ll certainly be convinced to give it a chance yourself. We’d like to highlight some of the stats you’ll see at the beginning, starting with a dramatic increase of the total number of freelancers living in the United States. From 2014 to 2016, there’s been an increase of at least 2 million people in the total count, all of which decided to apply for online jobs.

Almost two thirds say their choice to make the switch to part-time and remote jobs was more because of a curiosity than because of necessity.

Out of all those freelancers, a vast majority of them are working with less stress and relaxation. You can achieve it as well by working wherever you wish to – your own household, a cafe, a pub, basically where there’s an Internet connection. Another thing worth mentioning is that an average full-time freelancer spends 36 hours per week working for their clients. Traditional full-timers work for 40 hours, most of which are those typical 9-5 jobs.

If you’re interested in the percentage of people who quit their traditional workplaces to seek freelancing opportunities, you’ll be shocked, because 22% of freelancers said they did the exact same thing. “Freelancers are generally hoping for higher wages, indulging in more entertaining projects, and of course, freedom of movement,” says Tessa Morgan, Zeqr’s personal development coach.

Also worth mentioning – there are more than 55 million freelancers working in the United States today. This makes more than a third of the entire US workforce (somewhere around 35%), which now plays a massive role in the 1 trillion dollar freelance economy.

Now that freelancers have pretty much better chances of earning more money than their full-time employed counterparts, what’s your opinion on this continuously rising trend? Ready to freelance like a king and embrace this trend in 2017?

freelance like a king

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