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4 Tips to Create Stunning and Fulfillment-Friendly Product Packaging

by Olufisayo
Friendly Product Packaging

Appearance matters when it comes to selling products. Research has proven that handsomely packaged products affect emotions in a positive way, which, in turn, influences a person’s buying behavior. On the other hand, unattractive product packaging triggers brain regions associated with negative emotions.

However, product packaging is not just about attractive presentation but also about protecting the product inside, especially if you’re talking about e-commerce parcels. Other than having a good design, packaging should also be lightweight and durable or, in other words, fulfillment-friendly.

Sellers can’t control everything that happens to the parcel once it reaches the courier, but good packaging safeguards the product from most damages. That said, here are four tips to help you create stunning and fulfillment-friendly product packaging that will impress your customers.

Customize Packaging

If you want to stand out, you should set yourself apart from all the others. A creative and unique product packaging can do the job well. You can do that by customizing your product’s packaging, using designs that suit your audience and reflect your brand.

There’s nothing wrong with a plain brown box, but between that and a visually pleasing one, the customer will most likely choose the product with more attractive packaging, with the same price and product quality.

Earlier, it had been established that stunning packaging elicits more positive emotions from consumers, which may entice them to buy the product even when they don’t need it. Custom packaging can be a very effective marketing tool when you know your target audience.

Know Your Audience

The customer is always right, they say. This is also true when it comes to creating your product packaging. Neutral brown boxes don’t always work, nor does the ubiquitous white-and-robin’s-egg-blue combo. You must find out which colors, patterns, and designs appeal to your target demographic and use these in your packaging.

But it’s not entirely about the looks. Many consumers often don’t have the time to research the product they want to buy, so they refer to the packaging label to gather more information before making a purchase. Hence, a good-looking and ergonomic design should also go hand in hand with excellent and helpful content.

Choose Lightweight, Sturdy Box Material

Excellent design and content must be backed by substance. Attractive and compelling packaging will be useless if it can’t protect your product until it gets to your customer’s doorstep. Tons of things can happen to the package while it’s being shipped.

Packaging your product well is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure that the product stays in good condition. That means a lot is riding on the material you use for your packaging.

Fortunately, there are several affordable yet durable packaging options to choose from, including coated white chipboard, corrugated paperboard, and recycled materials.

Most, if not all, shipping companies charge fees based on parcel weight, so you should also look into cheap, sturdy, and lightweight packaging materials. Choosing the right packaging option can help reduce cost without sacrificing the quality and integrity of your parcel.

Get the Perfect Box Size

Aside from the weight, size is another thing shipping companies consider when charging service fees. The smaller the packaging, the better. Courier services typically have standard rates for certain box sizes and weights. If the package goes beyond the recommended size and weight, you’ll be charged additional fees based on the excess.

Choosing the right box size is easier if you can customize your packaging, especially for e-commerce customers. You should prepare packaging in a variety of sizes to avoid paying excess fees for shipping.

Ensure that you have packaging options for small, average, and big orders. Maximizing the box space can also help avoid extra packaging, which can further weigh down the parcel.

The Bottom Line

The ways a product is presented via packaging is considered the final stage of marketing. If the packaging attracts attention and influences people to buy, then one can consider the last step successful.

But packaging is not all about appearances. Boxes and containers should be able to protect the product well; otherwise, there isn’t any point to them. May the tips above help with creating your own gorgeous, effective, and functional product packaging.

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