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 Is Full-Time Remote Working Really For You?

by Olufisayo
Full-Time Remote Working

Turn back the clock a couple of years, and remote working was something that was available to a select, lucky few. Now, it almost seems like employees hold the cards – it’s practically demanded in some industries.

Forgetting the employee versus employer battle that can sometimes ensue with this topic, let’s instead dive into how remote working can work for you. Is it something that will be compatible with your lifestyle? Or is this something you should dismiss immediately and ask your boss for a swift return to the office instead? Let’s now mull over some key questions to ask yourself.

Can you motivate yourself to work?

When you work from home, you might find yourself having a tougher time finding the motivation to work. There’s no boss peering over your shoulder, telling you it’s time to start putting in the hours.

Aside from the loneliness, it’s possible to start getting bored or even distracted by non-work-related work. If you’re the type of person who can easily fall into this trap, it’s time to take a step back and consider if this game is for you. Let’s not forget that distractions don’t have to be the stereotypical games console, but they can be even mundane tasks like the laundry.

Sure, some companies are more concerned with output versus hours worked – and in these cases, this topic can be viewed differently. On the whole, you need to make sure you can manage distractions, though.

Can you have a true work-life balance?

It’s a phrase that has garnered more attention over the years, but understanding optimal work-life balance is crucial to successful home working. While we may have mentioned distractions in the previous section, some people are the other way –  they can’t switch off. It means that their personal life blends into their work life, and this can have all sorts of repercussions later down the line, with burnout being the obvious one.

This isn’t always about your attitude to remote working, but also related to the situation you inherit. Do you have a segregated space to work? Do you have family support to help ensure that work time is work time, and there’s no blurring of the lines?

Are you comfortable with your employer’s working conditions?

Some employers are more flexible than others when it comes to remote working. In other words, the definitions vary wildly.

For some employers, this is all about providing as much flexibility as possible – they’re not clock watching, and they’re just concerned about their employees getting their work done in times that are suitable to them.

For others, it’s much more regulated. There are fixed hours, and in some cases, cameras watching their every move! Remote working can no longer be blanketed – every case is different, and you need to assess whether your situation is going to be compatible with your employer (or potential employer) before making a decision.

Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels

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