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Get Well Soon Gift Ideas for Your Valued Employees

by Olufisayo
Get Well Soon Gift Ideas

Part of running a good business nowadays involves being involved in your employees’ lives. This is much more the case now than it used to be, and this is a pleasing social development all around.

When folks get ill, it’s considered more appropriate now to make gestures of sympathy, such as sending “get well soon” messages. However, there are still some issues of decorum here, and not everything is appropriate. Here are some neat ideas, though.

Flowers Always Work

It’s an oldie, but a goodie. Sending a bunch of get well flowers will tend to be appreciated by almost everyone. This is actually true of men and women alike, in most cases. It’s such a traditional kind of gift-giving that it transcends matters of taste and so forth.

There’s something to the symbolism of flowers that seems to speak to people. They’re emblematic of health and vitality, and they remind us of beauty and tranquillity. If you asked people in the street about gifts, most would mention the flowers for sure.

Fruit Baskets For Gatherings

For one person, a fruit basket may be a little much. You risk much of the fruit going bad and the gesture itself turning a little moldy for the recipient. However, if you present the basket on the day someone is going on sick leave, that all changes.

If you have an employee who has an upcoming surgery, for example, it can be a really joyful and vibrant centerpiece to a “get well” party on their last day. All the others from the department can take the opportunity to join in, and it’s rather fun for everyone.

Who Doesn’t Like Chocolates?

A box of chocolates is another example of the broadly loved category of gifts. Almost everyone likes chocolate at least a little, so your percentage for success is quite high with chocolates.

Some folks have a taste for sweeter kinds, while others might prefer the more bitter and complex taste of the dark sort. The way to get around this is to go for the assorted boxes, which contain a little of everything.

It’s an ideal way to cover all the bases, and since they come in attractive packaging, they’re already pre-wrapped and ready to go! All you need is a suitable card to go with the box, and you have the perfect gesture.

On the Adult Side of Things

It may not immediately seem appropriate, but a little bottle of wine or even whiskey could hit the mark wonderfully. With this one, though, you’ll have to be very sure of the recipient’s response.

It’s one to be cautious about, but a nice bottle of scotch for the right person is a serious bullseye. Remember also that there’s a matter of convention to this. While whiskey and wine are usually considered appropriate, vodka or rum aren’t really.

It may not make a lot of sense, but these things can be strange at times. For someone who loves beers, a nice pack of craft ales and pilseners could go down very well too.

Joke Mugs, etc.

For the folks with a humorous side, a joke gift is always a great option. If laughter is the best medicine, then it could be ideal to write a prescription for comedy. There are so many variants of the joking gift that it’s really easy to find the right one.

It could be mugs, t-shirts, funny cards, or pretty much anything else with a humorous sentiment written on it. The point here is just to get a little smirk out of someone who isn’t feeling very well, so the sky’s the limit in this area.

Last Thoughts

We all know that being ill is awful. It’s something with which anyone can empathize, so showing your employees that you care is vital. Depending on the size of your particular company, there could even be a genuine sense of family too.

Staff truly appreciate being noticed and cared about. It lifts morale and makes for an altogether better working environment for everyone, regardless of their position and role. It’s therefore important to engage with your people on as many levels as you can.

Photo by Trang Doan from Pexels

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