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Send Customized Mass Emails Effectively Using Gmass Email Merger

by Olufisayo
Gmass Email Merger

Whether you are a small-business entrepreneur or a nationwide business organization, you need reliable and effective email software for broadcast email campaigns. Sending personalized mass emails increases conversions in an interesting manner, and the Gmass email merger is one of the recommended business tools you can consider for this purpose.

It is true that you can utilize Google Apps Script to merge your mass emails, but the process is often tedious and complicated. Except you have all the time in the world and really know what you are doing, it is advised that you try a scalable and easier email tool to maximize your email campaigns. And it is best to consider email software that works with Google Sheets and other database files.

What is Gmass Mail Merger?

In simple terms, mail merger is the software that automates the process of sending large volumes of emails that integrate the personalized data of targeted recipients. In this wise, the Gmass mail merger is a specialized system that extracts recipients’ data from a database file, spreadsheet, or Google Sheets document.

Using Google Sheets, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Gmail draft, or Excel spreadsheets as the template containing the customers’ personal data, Gmass is designed to fetch the data from the document source and merge them into the spreadsheet for volume dispatch to targeted recipients.

Instead of manually entering the personal details and email addresses of thousands of targeted recipients, the email merger can extract and input the customized email messages for simultaneous blasting. This automated process saves tons of time and energy, and it also allows for scheduled emailing. The sender can seamlessly dispatch, manage, and follow up on thousands of sent emails without any hassles using Gmass.

How Gmass works to enable mail merge inside Gmail

Rhetorically, you must understand that you need a Gmail account to use Gmass email merge for email marketing campaigns. To get started, you need to download Gmass software through the Chrome browser using your Gmail or Google Workspace account to sign up. Once the software is installed on your computer system, you are ready to send thousands of customized emails within seconds.

But you must ensure you do the following first:

1. Create a spreadsheet data file

You need to set up a spreadsheet data file in plain text. What this means is that the spreadsheet file must be well-formatted in rows and columns that will contain recipients’ data information. The rows and columns will contain information such as the names of potential recipients, email addresses, company names, and job roles among others.

2. Login to Gmail to connect Gmass and spreadsheet

That is quite plain and clear. You must log in to your Gmail account to connect the Gmass to your newly created spreadsheet. This is to enable you to upload customers’ information in your Google Sheet to your Gmass mail merge. There are specific guidelines on the Gmass website for connecting your spreadsheet, but it must be pointed out CSV files or Excel must be converted to Google Sheets before Gmass can access it.

3. Multiple spreadsheets and duplicates

A drop-down is available for your use if you have several spreadsheets or worksheets so you can make your specific choice. Gmass will then fetch the emails and data of targeted recipients after it is connected to the spreadsheet. The software will deliver needed emails to each recipient after automatically uploading the volume of recipients to the “To” field – meaning that there is no need to use the “Bcc” field.

The default setting of Gmass is to weed out duplicate email addresses, but you can choose to make use of duplicate emails for personal reasons – you only need to make the necessary adjustments sending out the emails. Once this is done, Gmail automatically modifies the emails of recipients without any effort on your part to ensure that several emails are sent simultaneously to the same addresses.

Enjoy distinctive benefits with Gmail email merge

Gmass email merger comes loaded with inbuilt features that make email marketing campaigns effective and rewarding. Here are some of them:

Automatic email follow-ups

Gmass comes with a feature that automatically reminds recipients of the need to respond after certain days. This follow-up feature saves you the stress of chasing after potential customers, and it has a call-to-action (CTA) sense of urgency that compels your recipients to engage with you. The feature allows you to determine the number and frequency of follow-up emails as well as the message prompts they require.

Automatic personalization details

No one likes to receive generic emails since they find them irrelevant – mostly if they are unsolicited emails. This particular feature enables you to personalize different emails to different people based on their needs, names, required files, needed action, and other interests. This personalization component will drive greater engagement with your email campaign.

Circumvent Gmail’s sending limits

You may not know this, but the highest number of emails you can send through Gmail in any 24-hour span is 500. Gmass’ ingenious feature enables you to send up to 10,000 based on personal settings and interests.

Add new recipients without stress

With Gmass mail merge, it is easy to improve the quality of your email campaigns by adding newer recipients and modifying their personal data. Once your new campaign is added to your spreadsheet in Google, Gmass will identify it and update its merge sheet before sending out volumes of emails.

Suppress certain recipients from your list

If you feel you don’t want to overburden a set of recipients, you can add them to your suppression list so that they are exempted from receiving future emails – without necessarily deleting their email addresses. This also ensures that two or more people within the same organization do not send the same emails to the same people at a given time.

There are other functionalities in your Gmass email campaign software that help you to understand important metrics such as email analytic stats, scheduling, A/B testing, Gmail add-on on mobile phones, and email lists among others. Gmass email merge software remains one of the most trusted and reliable business tools for email campaigns you can consider today. It is also cheap and affordable and offers you the option to maximize certain features more than others – even though there are free mail merge services with limited functionality out there.

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