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Empower Your Wife with the Right Health Insurance Plan. Here’s Why

by Olufisayo
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Having a loving partner makes your life complete. You feel serenity in her presence. After work, you rush to the comfort of your home and discuss your day with her while she goes about the household chores. While your wife may seem to balance her work life with her responsibilities at home, she doesn’t put much thought into her health.

As a partner, it is our responsibility to ensure that her health is not sidelined. Thus, it makes perfect sense to protect her with a women’s health insurance plan. This way, you won’t have to worry about making financial arrangements in case of medical emergencies.

Here are a few reasons that make a health insurance plan, a perfect gift for your wife:

1. She Often Neglects Her Health Status

We live in a country where women put their family’s interests above their own. This is the reason that the number of female deaths due to Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) has risen to 60% of the total deaths in the country.

You might have seen your wife caring for your kids or parents selflessly, even when she is not well. Her love knows no bounds. But it is crucial for you to acknowledge the importance of her health by choosing a suitable women’s health insurance plan for your partner.

2. Healthcare Costs is Rising

Rising healthcare costs in India is one significant reason why many women do not visit a doctor for health checkups. They think of saving money for later use instead of keeping a check on their health condition.

No one can predict medical emergencies, and it is a misconception that your wife does not need an insurance cover. The rising pollution levels, the growing insurgency of adulterated food and stress can make her sick, without her knowledge.

Another thing that can worsen a medical emergency is the unavailability of adequate funds for treatment. Having a women’s health insurance policy in place will allow you to opt for the best possible treatment without worrying about the costs.

3. Having a Child is an Expensive Affair

You cannot define the feelings of becoming a parent in words. However, parenthood comes with its fair share of responsibilities, and you need to be financially prepared for them. You need money to take care of maternity-related hospitalization costs, pre, and post-natal expenses among others.

With the right women’s health insurance plan, you need not worry about the financial aspects of childbirth. Many renowned health insurance plans include maternity cover to help you begin this new phase of life. Take the case of TATA AIG’s Medicare Premier plan, which offers maternity expense coverage up to fifty thousand rupees. Moreover, the insurance company provides a seamless claim settlement so that you can welcome your child without any hassles.

4. Risk of Critical Illnesses is Increasing

When you talk about women’s health in India, you cannot ignore the fact that many women are still ignorant about their health. Compared to men, women are more prone to various illnesses, including arthritis, tumors, breast cancer, and anemia. Moreover, most women avoid going for pre-emptive medical checkups to minimize the risk.

Of course, you can make sure that your wife does not go through pain and discomfort in life by purchasing a women’s health insurance plan.

Your Wife Deserves Not Just Love, But Also Protection

Your beloved wife completes you and your life in more ways than you can imagine. She is always there for you and helps you lead a better life. So, taking care of her health and well-being is your responsibility. Gifting her with a personalized health insurance plan is one way to say you are there for your wife, as well.

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