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Help for the Entrepreneurs

by Olufisayo
Help for the Entrepreneurs

What an exciting time to own a small business. With technology advancing faster than it takes to tap your latest app, the opportunities available for any entrepreneur are limitless.

Knowing what resources to use provides a foundation for your business. From the early planning stages before the launch well into once your business is operational, having an arsenal of help at your side will prove immeasurable.

We will first look at a government agency that should be bookmarked on every small business owner’s computer. Next, a visit will be paid to a “hidden” resource for entrepreneurs. Lastly, a form of lending is available for those who have some credit issues and need a loan.

Help for the Entrepreneurs

A Friend in the Government

The U.S. Small Business Administration assists any entrepreneur with all phases of business ownership. Helpful suggestions are provided in areas such as:

  • – Questions to ask yourself before starting your business
  • – Steps to take to start
  • – Ways to register
  • – Business licenses and permits basics
  • – Taxes

The aforementioned list is just a sampling of the topics covered. The SBA Learning Center is home to numerous courses covering everything from business basics to social media marketing.

if you intend to start a company in another country, for example in the Netherlands, this Dutch tax calculator will show you the taxes you must pay for your business in this country.

Also, in case you are a foreigner interested in moving to the Netherlands, you may contact this team of immigration lawyers in the Netherlands.

Did You Know

Many of us attended, or may be attending, college. Are you aware that most college campuses have a Small Business Development Center? Take, for example, the Central Oregon Community College.

At COCC aspiring entrepreneurs or already managing owners can schedule no-cost one-on-one meetings with advisers. Here you can get practical experience and advice on a wide range of subjects pertinent to small business ownership.

Regardless if you are a graduate of a local college, currently enrolled, or no college experience, check with your local campus to see if they have a Small Business Development Center. They are there to assist you.

Can You Help Me

Needing a loan and having less than ideal credit can cause more than the normal amount of hair to fall out. A breeding ground for resentment, many applicants throw their hands in the air in frustration and give up.

This does not have to be the case. If your business could use some help, or if on a personal level a lending hand is needed, there exists lenders willing to work with you.

If you are tired of pounding your fists on the desk after each rejection for a loan, consider checking out the best peer to peer lending companies review options.

What is Peer to Peer Lending

Also called “social lending”, P2P eliminates the financial institutions that serve as an intermediary. Designed with those whom may have difficulty in getting approved through brick and mortar institutions in mind, applicants can expect better opportunities for loans.

This does not come without some drawbacks. Borrowers can expect a greater amount of effort on their part. Additionally, more risk and time is required.

Regardless of where you are in the small business journey, rest assured that help is available. The only effort required from you is to ask and follow through.

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