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High ROI Strategies: 5 Conventional Marketing Avenues to Explore

by Olufisayo
High ROI Strategies

Any marketing strategy you deploy needs to demonstrate that it delivers a decent ROI. Once you find what works it will often be a case of seeing the company’s sales performance increase in line with how efficiently you implement your proven marketing tactics.

If you are running a car dealership, for instance, investing in some professional automotive phone training for the sales staff could turn out to be money well spent when you can see a measurable improvement in sales volumes.

Let’s take a look at the sort of marketing strategies that are capable of delivering a high ROI.

Don’t overlook the obvious

Making outbound telephone calls is a marketing strategy that has been around for years. There’s a reason for that. It works.

Provided it is done properly, it makes sense to communicate with potential customers in this meaningful way. With some professional sales training on how to structure and handle calls for the best results, it is a method that really can deliver excellent returns.

Another classic strategy that shouldn’t be overlooked

It can often pay to not overcomplicate things when it comes to finding a marketing technique that achieves proven success. That is why it is well worth embracing what direct mail has to offer as part of your tactics for driving sales numbers up.

The world might have gone online. But that is precisely why direct mail can have such an impact. It gets you noticed. There is plenty of evidence around to suggest that direct mail continues to be an influential medium with regard to consumer purchasing decisions.

The power of networking

One of the biggest sales barriers to overcome is trust. It is much easier to establish that trust when you are being introduced to someone through a mutual networking connection.

Networking takes on many forms. They are all capable of achieving excellent ROI as long as you understand how to adapt your approach so that you meet their expectations and needs.

Email marketing continues to reward with an excellent ROI

There is little doubt that email marketing continues to be one of the most effective digital marketing tactics around.

It is a highly cost-effective way of reaching out to an audience and that is why it is so popular because the ROI is very impressive. Some marketing estimates suggest that you could achieve a return of as much as 40 times your outlay in sales.

That is impressive. Work on finding the right way to harness the true potential of email marketing. Get it right, and your conversion rate will improve in a way that more than justifies the cost outlay.

A great way to build brand awareness

Guest posting has become a proven strategy for building brand awareness. Provided you are highly selective about the relevancy of the sites you link to there is every chance that you can achieve a decent ROI.

A combination of these proven conventional marketing tactics should enable you to enjoy a very acceptable ROI.

Are you getting the best return from your current marketing strategies?

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