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Top Things to Look For Before Hiring a Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

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Hiring a Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

Things happen in Denver, Colorado, and sometimes you need a qualified criminal defense attorney to bail you out. Some of these things could be as ugly as a DUI offense, drug charges, felony, assault and domestic violence, theft and fraud, and burglary and robbery among others. But whatever it is, an experienced and very professional criminal defense attorney might really save your neck.

Wherever you are in Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs, a DUI and criminal defense lawyer will do you a lot of good. Not necessarily because you have a case on your neck at the moment, but largely because anything could happen tomorrow. That is why you need to keep a good defense lawyer’s numbers handy for instant use when you need it.

However, not all defense attorneys would be worth your time – so you have got to check out the following tips before hiring your qualified criminal defense attorney anywhere in Denver:

Hiring a Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

  1. Hire only a specialist criminal defense attorney

Not all criminal defense attorneys are specialists. Some handly only DUI cases and others deal only with violent crime charges, while others take on all routine defense cases. A specialist will give you what you need since he is more experienced and practical with this area of law. When you hire a specialist criminal defense attorney, he will be able to help with the following –

  • Exhaustively represent you to the fullest
  • Investigate your charges and interview witnesses
  • Research applicable statutes and case law related to your case
  • Develop a case strategy in order to put together a formidable defense for you
  • Negotiate with the prosecution to help your case
  • Draft, file and argue motions on your behalf
  • Stand in as your advocate in case things ever go to trial
  1. Don’t be decieved by fame, go for the brand

Most people want to go for famous lawyers who have names on pages of newspapers, but this is not necessarily synonymous with success. All you should be concerned with is winning your case, not the prestige of a prospective attorney. You should hire a lawyer and not a name. The more famous the law firm you hire, the more chances that your case will be handed down to a junior associate to learn with. Smaller firms are often better since they need to win your case at all costs to climb up the ladder.

  1. Gauge their enthusiasm

Fame is good and experience is better, but you must go for a criminal defense attorney that has your sincere interest at heart. You will be able to determine this by guaging their level of enthusiasm and passion to take on your case. During a free consultation, they should be able to tell you the pros and cons of your case and how they intend to plug loopholes or build a defense to get you on the winning side. This may require accepting a plea rather than going to trial, but your attorney must carry you along on what he is about to do and why he must do it.

  1. Courtroom experience and confidence

No one likes to go to court but in certain cases, it may be the best option for you. To this extent, you need a defense attorney that has court experience with the attendant confidence that go with a legal battle. This means your criminal defense attorney must be able to think and move fast when it comes to raising objections that could impact the outcome of your case. This also requires that your attorney understands court procedures and knows how to manage court hearings.

  1. It matters little to him whether or not you did it

Whether it is DUI, drugs, felony, assault, fraud or robbery – a good criminal defense attorney in Denver or anywhere else should care less whether or not you did it. Using all their energies and legal resources, your criminal defense lawyer must be concerned with their constitutional obligation of representing you to the full. They must fight tooth and nail to prove you innocent and vindicated where you did not commit the charge; and they must at the minimum secure the least penal outcome where the prosecutor can prove their case beyond all reasonable doubts.

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