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4 Reasons Becoming a Homeowner Association Manager Could Be Your Ideal Career

by Olufisayo
Homeowner Association

If you love bringing people together and the idea of serving a whole community makes you feel good, then becoming a homeowner association manager could be the career for you.

In fact, more people than ever are turning to this diverse and exciting role, thanks to its high job-satisfaction rate and the fact that no two days are the same.

Of course, the role itself is demanding, but that’s part of the attraction. As a HOA your tasks will certainly vary, from resolving disputes between residents to looking after the finances of the buildings in question.

You’ll also have to organize any services such as gardening or even waste collection if your residents need it. So, what makes this demanding role so appealing?

Read on to find out more.

There’s plenty of support

Many prospective HOAs are put off by the financial responsibility that comes with such a demanding role, however, they needn’t be! Companies, such as cincsystems, provide the latest in bookkeeping and accounting software, making it easier than ever for HOAs to keep on top of all the expenses and cash that comes with such a demanding role.

You get to work with people

For many, a customer-facing role is one that fills them with dread. Angry customers, complaints, and difficult clients. However, when you’re a Housing Association Manager, you’ll get to work with people under many different circumstances. You’ll get to build lots of different relationships with people from all walks of life and spend your days resolving issues and making a difference for your residents.

No two days are the same

As mentioned above, the role of a Housing Association Manager is incredibly varied and while it’s not strictly a 9-5 role, that’s what makes it so appealing.

From working your way through administrative duties to hosting a resident get-together during the holidays, even helping and approving the design of the new communal garden area, this kind of role is wonderfully varied and gives you much more job satisfaction than your average 9-5.

You’ll never stop learning

To get ahead in this role, you need to be up to speed with all the latest regulations and rules surrounding housing laws and tenants’ rights, etc. However, the learning doesn’t stop there, the rules and guidelines are always changing and you’ll need to keep yourself ahead of the curve if you want to provide up to the minute information and make decisions based on laws.

You’ll also learn how to manage finances, work on your people skills, and problem-solve like a pro!

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