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How Dan Holzmann Made Juice Plus Successful

by Olufisayo

The inspiration behind Juice Plus was healthy living, something Dan Holzmann ardently advocated. Juice Plus awards its success to the inspirational and motivational motto that Holzmann lived by; to aspire others to lead healthier, better and more productive lives, and make a lasting change in their lives with his products.

Enriched with natural fruit and vegetables, Juice Plus supplements are his pride and joy, and rightly so.

This CEO with humble beginnings sky rocketed to success with his dedication. Working out of a warehouse with three more employees in 1993, he now has an expansive empire propagating his ideology of plant nutrition.


By 2012, he was the CEO and President of Juice Plus, and established the company in 27 countries spread out over 4 different continents, and tapped into the dietary markets with his innovative product and became synonymous with the brand name.

Each capsule of Juice Plus is fortified with natural fruit and the right nutrients, keeping the promise of quality products. Holzmann was an advocate for supreme quality and never cut corners to make profit.

Not only was his sincerity packed into high-quality capsules, it also extended to his large team which he treated like family. As a very hands-on CEO, he maintained the company’s principles of longevity, simplicity, community and quality, dealing with his staff with utmost professionalism and respect, and was an emblem of a businessman.

His passion for research and innovation is evident with the rich body of scientific literature the Juice Plus research team and scientists have gathered. It branches out into 4 C’s: to conduct research on natural nutrition, collect evidence on organic nutrition, collaborate with other academic and research bodies, and to communicate evidence that is found. His generosity in sharing the Juice Plus Institute’s research is admirable and is accessible to the general public, health practitioners and academics, scientists and researchers, and various other institutions.

His inner philanthropist has set up various charities for children, those especially dealing with hunger related issues. He also funds children’s hospitals for research. His extensive knowledge on social issues and many circles of social life have enabled him to be a well rounded businessman outside Juice Plus, too.

How Dan Holzmann Made Juice Plus Successful:

It’s not just the product that made the company money. It’s not just the creativity or innovation that was expended in engineering the right capsule. What really made Juice Plus a success story was how the company was kept together by Holzmann.

Praised worldwide for being an exemplary businessman, his business ethics and dealings are a pathway for future CEOs to follow and study.

Many observers have attributed the Juice Plus company’s success to Holzmann’s enthusiasm and passion. Starting off humble, he saw various failures and downs, but kept on striving till he accomplished his goals and more. His energy and positivity has been vital to the company’s many ventures and his passion towards healthy living is what matters the most – a businessman believing in his product for the benefits it brings, not profits.

His personal traits as a humble individual with integrity has maintained his rapport, and hence his company’s, in the corporate world. His strengths lie in maintaining great social ties with his partners and affiliates, compassion towards his workers, and a great listening ear to his customer. His employees have also praised him to be a kind man who is supportive and expresses gratitude, and is always striving to help others. Happy employees mean more employee retention and loyalty, and Holzmann’s products are very telling of that.

As a leader, he is a responsible and disciplined individual. His work and personal responsibilities were charted out, and he did not shirk in either. His family loves him to be the great parent and spouse that he is, and his employees respect him for the well structured company he runs, focusing on every minute detail to ensure a satisfied clientele and a satisfied team.

He is a long-sighted leader, always encouraging his team and institute to look into novel products and alternative solutions, never cutting corners or compromising on standard.

Not only did Holzmann express great leadership, his soft skills were also very vital. He was an advocate for team work and listening, and was always looking to the future. His set principles as a leader, and his motto for his company were his guiding principle in achieving what Juice Plus has. In essence, he is a visionary leader, always exploring opportunities of growth and betterment.

His investment of self and his vision has promised Juice Plus a very loyal following and strong consumer base. His products were inclusive of all ages, and have shown tangible results in several clinical trials which shows that his products are honestly advertised, and cater to a large bracket. As advertised by the Juice Plus Instagram, they have a loyal customer base and are large advocates of what they do, and as always, honesty is the best policy as Holzmann himself has shown by example.

In His Footsteps:

With over 25 plus years of experience under his belt, Holzmann is a role model entrepreneur and he has much to teach. With statistics showing that the German population has looked keenly towards exercising and eating better, and with sales towards 10 billion USD, the success of a clear vision and perseverance of one businessman can be seen.

Looking to tap into more countries, Dan Holzmann has been eyeing economies of Dubai, China, Nigeria and Far Eastern countries to extend his mission of healthier living to everyone.

The Dan Holzmann story is a testament to his ambition and inner strength to succeed, his generosity, and his vision of a healthier public has rewarded him with a rich empire and loyal customer base, and we can expect to continue learning more from him and his vision for a healthier world.

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