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Efficiency Boost: How Employee Scheduling Software Helps Your Restaurant

by Olufisayo
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In today’s foodie scene, you need to do more than just serve tasty eats to run a successful restaurant.

Competition is fierce, and getting business booming doesn’t only fall to the chef. Management needs to operate a tight ship behind the scenes to keep the business economically viable.

Thankfully there is new technology that helps contemporary restaurants manage what’s going on backstage. Here are a few ways that a restaurant rota software can give your an efficiency boost today.

Great Schedules, Quickly

Like its name suggests, employee scheduling software makes excellent schedules in up to 80% less time than it would otherwise take. This keeps your top people working where they’re most useful, in the kitchen or waiting tables.

You can reduce your labor costs in this way by as much 1-3%, a direct coup for your restaurant’s bottom line.

Employee scheduling software improves efficiency even outside the physical restaurant — this eliminates 70% of phone calls and texts surrounding schedule creation. Your staff will be grateful.

You must get these efficiency hacks for a better run restaurant today to stay competitive in such a fierce industry, and getting secondary tasks completed quickly helps achieve this goal.

Streamlined Communications

It’s important that technology keep people connected quickly. Everyone has a phone and email address, but the aim is to reduce the time spent on them. Employee scheduling software provides the streamlined communications you’d expect from a modern platform.

Here is one example of how it can work. If you’re a manager needing to find someone to cover a shift, you can message the group chat.

Everyone will get a notification right away so they’re likely to see the message, and whoever is free to work can tell the group they’re available. This way, the process has the minimal lag possible, and the problem gets solved before it can escalate into a setback for the restaurant.

Having a employee mass notification system in place is an extremely useful feature for practically all types of organizations.

Any number of chats can be formed for groups in one department or teams assigned to the same task. With employee scheduling software, connecting only with the people you need to talk to is fast and effortless.

Vital Information Shared and at Your Fingertips

Employee scheduling software makes it easy to tell your manager your work availability or request days off remotely. As soon as you find out you need time off work, access the app on your phone and send a request for approval.

This makes it easier for staff to plan their personal lives, while your manager will always know who is free to work and when.

Finally, employee scheduling software also produces a wealth of data about every aspect of your restaurant — the software integrates with all POS systems commonly used in North America, so the manager-facing dashboards have important daily and monthly statistics about labor costs, sales, and more.

Knowledge is power, and employee scheduling software gives managers and executives actionable intelligence about each of the restaurant’s locations.

The importance of running an efficient business can’t be overstated when it comes to the restaurant industry, so get the efficiency boost you need from employee scheduling software today.

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