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How Flowers Can Benefit Your Business

by Olufisayo
office flowers

Every business should learn to use flowers in office buildings. It is affordable and doesn’t cost much to have floral arrangements in the office. Having a few floral arrangements in the office can make a difference and benefit your business in many ways.

Make a Good Impression

Flowers can make a good first impression on your clients. When your client comes to see you, their eyes will look around to see how your office looks.

Placing flowers on the reception desk shows that you appreciate your clients and are keen on setting up a good relationship with them. It will make your customers smile and be in a good mood to conduct business with you.

The meeting room is another place where you can place flowers. If the meeting room is boring, the clients and your workers will not be in the mood to concentrate and listen to what you have to say in the meeting. Placing flowers can bring improvement to a monotonous environment and increase the attention to details.

Improves Productivity

Employees feel happier when they can look at flowers on their work desk. It reduces the negativity and gives them the motivation to keep up with their work until the end of the shift.

Flowers could be the answer if you have been facing problems in recruiting talented workers for your office positions. You may be offering a good salary with a good bonus but all these are not enough to improve a worker’s productivity.

A fresh office environment is what your employees need in order to focus on their work. You can send a bouquet of flowers to cheer up a friend overseas who complains to you about mundane office chores. For example, if your friend lives in Spain, you can use an international service to send flowers to Spain.

Flowers offer visual benefits and pleasing aroma that can encourage calmness in the employees. Some employees are nervous about circumstances such as meeting with clients, when they are faced with huge workloads or having a lot of schedules lined up.

Flowers can give an easy-going feeling and give the employees more confidence in doing their work. The nice scent of the flowers can reduce the anxiety of the employees and achieve a calmer work environment


Flowers are an economical option for use in improving the office design. There is no need to spend money to put up the contemporary decor in the office. You only have to purchase 2 – 3 vases as well as the fresh flower bouquets to put in them.

You can place the floral arrangements in the key places of the office building where employees and clients often pass by to boost the atmosphere. Flowers are a classic decor that lasts forever. Flowers have good sustainability as it can last for about 1 week when taken care of properly.

Boost Creativity Level

Employees who regularly see floral arrangements in their work environment tend to have a higher level of creativity. The brain can process faster when you feel that you are a part of nature.

Seeing natural objects in the environment allows the employee to feel relaxed and be able to concentrate better. It is believed that the increase in creative thinking has to do with how the past generations survive.

In the early days, the ancestors always live near foliage as they are food sources. Therefore, being near to plants means lesser worries on food.

In another theory, the green color of the plants are said to be increasing productivity. Green color is said to have the ability to boost creativity output more than other colors. Seeing green often can inspire the employee to strive for improvement which in turn increases work productivity.

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