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How Much Does a Wordpress Website Cost?

by Olufisayo
How Much Does a Wordpress Website Cost?

When it comes to estimating the price for a website especially the one built with wordpress, it is not easy to state the actual cost since every business and projects involved differ. Therefore as a customer, you need to identify and plan a budget that you wish to spend in having the website designed. Also, note that the cost of a site is not a one time off since you will still incur other expenses in having the website redesigned updated and so on.

These costs can be incurred either yearly or after some months depending on the user’s needs and preferences.

How Much Does a Wordpress Website Cost?

How to use wordpress on a budget?

Majority of these names starts from 12 dollars and above depending on the user’s needs.

But if you plan to have a wordpress website, here are the main factors that you need to consider;

  • The hosting configuration plus a yearly plan.
  • Initial build and design.
  • Monthly maintenance.

Let’s see how these three factors influence the pricing of the wordpress websites.

  1. Use of the word press to build small showcase website.

Wordpress is rated to be among the top free CMS worldwide, and a lot of people use it on a daily basis. Therefore because you don’t need to pay a dime for you to create an account with this website, there is a high competition from the users as well. But, the site is essential for a beginner to learn about the necessary procedures and features available on the website. For example, you can select either premium theme or even the plugins to get started with the use of the word press website.To make sure that you get a quality website, it is advisable that you consider hiring professional web developers so they can help you create a good site that will fit your line of work. Some of the features that a professional developer can help you install include;

  • The themes.
  • Galleries and many others.

All these services can take a while to customize which of course is influenced by the kind of website you need, and also, the price for these services usually range between 500 to 4000 dollars.

  1. Security.

It is essential to keep your website safe which can be done by installing the security plugins. Although an individual can do the installation of the security scans, it is also essential that you involve technicians in the setup so they can help you with the maintenance processes. There is unique technology which is invented to prevent the attacks on the websites, and this is done by first analyzing all the data that goes to your site.

  1. Use of shared hosting.

This is essential for maintaining security to your website, and it is also ideal for people who are operating under a strict budget. If your website does not have a large number of traffic, you could save up on your cost of collecting data from the site by using the shared host plan. Although it may pose some threats regarding the security and its performance, it is the best option for people who want a budget-friendly hosting domain.

  1. Analyzing and monitoring the web page.

For those who have knowledge regarding the website matrixes and how to analyze them, use the cPanel or instead install other essential features and tools like the GT matrix to create your page. Matrix is essential for monitoring how your page is functioning and the speed it takes to load from various devices. Make sure you do this on a daily basis. But for those who don’t know how to monitor their websites, the other best alternative is hiring a technician who is quite cheap since the price for controlling the sites range between 30 – 50 dollars in a month.Therefore, we can conclude that installation of a basic wordpress ranges between 0- 8000 dollars depending on the functions and the billing hours. But if your page does not need too many services or instead if you don’t want the website operations to grow, the price could be as low as 1000 dollars per annum.

The requirement for professional solutions.

A website can be used as a way for generating income online through various means. In this case, employing a website developer would be the best idea since they are in a better position to customize your website according to the market requirements. Different packages are available for one to choose from according to one’s need and preferences.

Importance of working with an agency.

  • Working with a reliable agency is efficient since they help you customize your website without necessarily changing the initial code from the inside of the site. This is done to make sure that you will not incur extra cost in the future.

For those who want a website for e-commerce businesses whereby they will involve transaction online, the webpage has to be created with enhanced security which includes adding the SSL and hosting the site in VPS.

The hosting option range from $100 – $1000+ per month.When it comes to the creation of a website, some companies usually charge an amount that ranges between 50 to 275 dollars per hour. The services include analyzing, estimating the cost and any other activity that may be needed on the website.

So, depending on your needs and the preferences, professional website can cost you from 10000-50000 while the maintenance services may range between 80-220 dollars.

  1. The vendor’s assets

How to use wordpress to build large or multi-websites?

One of the multisite that one can consider having constructed include;

  • Social networks, cushion corporate,
  • CRMs and also other learning platforms.

If one of these platforms have the high number of traffic, you have to come up with ideas of keeping it moderately. This is essential to ensure that the page has the right loading speed and also the there is enough security. The website agency can help you come up with a good website that has all these features for better access and loading of the site.


Having a website customized for you is the same as buying an asset. It requires one to take a process and invest in reliable people to make sure it is well structured and according to your references. So, the more work you will be performing with the website, the higher the cost you will incur due to the maintenance and other services. But for beginners, consider working with a free wordpress site so you can learn the basics regarding how to run a successful website.

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