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How to Become a Photographer: Types of Digital Cameras

by Olufisayo
How to Become a Photographer

A photographer is a profession, which probably stands closest to a hobby. Some say, everyone can become a photographer: taking photos, what’s so difficult?

However, it requires certain skills, specific knowledge, a lot of studying and creativity. If you are ready to work a lot, accept a challenge and try to become the best. If photography is your passion, but you want it to remain only activity for leisure, you have chosen the best hobby. If all you want to know about photography is how to capture memorable moments from your life, you are going to create a huge collection of pictures.

But in any case, you need to buy a camera. Just decide which one will be more appropriate.

Compact cameras

How to Become a Photographer

They are also called “point-and-shoot” cameras because of the easiness in using. This is the best choice for those, who aren’t going to become a first-class photographer, but want to collect memories in form of pictures.

These cameras are small, lightweight and cheap. However, you’ll have to make some compromises. There are no manual mode and functions to adjust and to play with. Is it good or bad? Consider for yourself.


How to Become a Photographer

Digital Single Reflex Camera, on the contrary, is a professional device. If you want to buy this one, you should be aware of bigger size, weight and price. But your possibilities get almost unlimited. DSLR models come with interchangeable lenses.

After you buy a body and a basic lens, you can start gathering a collection. You also get access to many modes and take control over a picture. It means there will be a lot to learn, but the result will be worth it for sure. This is a choice for those, who feel serious about photography as a hobby, or maybe even as a profession.

Compact system cameras

How to Become a Photographer

They remind DSLRs, but aren’t as advanced. These are mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses. They are much lighter and smaller due to the absence of optical viewfinders (a system of mirrors, with which every DSLR is equipped).

It is the best option for those, who want to take high-quality photos, but don’t pretend to become a professional. In this case, the dimensions are a great bonus.

Bridge cameras

How to Become a Photographer

They are known as advanced compact or super zoom cameras. These models offer more control to a photographer, but they are still far from DSLRs in terms of specifications. Unlike basic compact cameras, these ones offer manual mode to adjust exposure settings. In addition, bridge cameras have lenses with much longer zoom compared to other models, but they are fixed and cannot be changed.

Phone camera

How to Become a Photographer

Seems inappropriate here? But why not? Let’s be honest, cameras in some Smartphones are much better than the simplest versions of compact cameras. If you like multifunctional devices and like carrying everything you need with you all the time, pick up a phone with great camera functions. Moreover, there are diverse accessories (like special lenses, holders and tripods), which allow to take pictures very close to professional.

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How to Become a Photographer

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