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How to Become the Entrepreneur You’ve Always Wanted to be?

by Olufisayo
How to Become the Entrepreneur You’ve Always Wanted to Be

More and more people are turning towards entrepreneurship these days to try their luck. With their spirit to do “something big”, Go big or go home, right? But that is certainly not enough to be a true entrepreneur – for a true entrepreneur would be able to think of an unimagined change; he or she to be a complete visionary.

Steve Jobs is one because he reimagined the interaction/ connection between humans with the help of technology – i.e phones and computers.

How to Become the Entrepreneur You’ve Always Wanted to Be

Top Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs

1.      Patience

While there are a lot of people with great ideas for start-ups and whatnots – everyone doesn’t succeed. The key to succeeding is to be patient for the results. Nothing can happen overnight. It all takes times – no one got famous within an hour’s work. Take a deep breath and keep going.

2.      Interpersonal Skills

You need to have great interpersonal skills if you want to succeed not just in your business but in life itself. If you know how to communicate seamlessly with people – you can get them to do anything. This would get you in everyone’s good books and thus no one would want to bring you down. In fact, you might just get all the help you want or ask for. It doesn’t, however, mean that you should throw your self-respect out of the window and be a people’s pleaser. It only means that you should be able to manage people without offending them whether they are your employees, friends or target audiences.

3.      Sell yourself!

This is similar to having good interpersonal skills. The difference, however, is that you shouldn’t sell your product – you need to sell yourself first. If people think you are worth listening to only then would they be interested in what you have to say. Be like the cigarette companies; they mention it on their packs that the product can cause cancer yet buyers keep buying it. Interesting, isn’t it?

4.      Creative Thinking

Did you know that the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, actually started the online shop just to sell books? It was with time that he thought of turning it over into the biggest online store in the world. All entrepreneurs have this trait in common – they are all able to think outside the box. Most people think they are creative but that surely isn’t the case – a creative thinker is someone who is able to think of a possible solution when no one seems to be able to do so. In short, creative thinkers can see through loopholes and function efficiently enough to devise ways to make things work.

5.      Leadership

If you heard the song “Throne” by Bring Me the Horizon, then you already know what it truly means to lead. Sometimes the people might not like you enough but the art is to make them work to meet the bigger goals. You need to be charismatic enough for people to follow you by will. Be a leader, always, not the boss and see how people go out of their comfort zones just to make sure you succeed by all means.

6.      Risk Taking

No business can get fame at the speed of light. You need to have faith in yourself as well as the idea to be able to take the risk. However, start by managing your risks. Don’t invest too much if you aren’t sure and once the product hits it off in the market and you have potential buyers/investors go full flamingo in your yard.

You can never truly be sure if your idea is going to land you a ton of cash or drown you in a pile of loans. But that’s what entrepreneurship is all about. Taking risks and achieving goals, one step at a time.

If you think of yourself as a calculated-risk-taker then begin with some experience in the relevant domain, your biggest asset is your will power, ideas, and skills. One crucial asset to be invested in is a steady internet connection, just dial Windstream number have great rates with a reliable internet connection, the one you can count on for extensive research and outreach, some of the initial homework every startup needs to do.

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