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How to Better Present Your Company in Everyday’s Life

by Olufisayo
How to Better Present Your Company in Everyday’s Life

A brawny quote from an author who is now the President and CEO of the Blackhawk Partners Inc offers a key to the “out of the box” investment tactics and strategies. The quote simulates an idea to a virus that’s resilient and highly contagious. It also describes its power as the smallest seed of an idea that can grow to define or destroy someone. We leave a bit of work for you to find who quoted something like this and if possible to find the actual quote.

With the current technological disruptions and multiple factors, it just holds true. An innovative idea can enable a business to outsmart the painful fact of perception – painful because in today’s world perception, it is a reality. The options to create a positive perception in the minds of the current and prospective customer base are multilateral. The advantage that the internet and the social media offer at today’s organizations in order to get their message out has also made possible for customers to get that information effortlessly. Agreed on the fact that first impressions matter but, today’s consumers won’t hesitate to move on their brand loyalty within a blink of an eye. Hence organizations strive to strike the right balance in using all the tools at their disposal every day!

Today we share five simple yet effective ways to present organizations and create a positive corporate image in everyday’s life.

How to Better Present Your Company in Everyday’s Life

  1. Improve productivity using desk supplies

Although we live in the digital age, going entirely paperless is bit unpractical. Office supplies are still indispensable for any company task to be completed. Basics like markers, highlighters, scissors, pens, tape to trash can are something that one needs to take notes, post reminders or explore ideas are a must for every meeting or paperwork of an employee. Having these items at the desk, it makes sure employees don’t have to look all over the office or bother surrounding busy colleagues. Thus it improves productivity and drives away distractions.

  1. Distributing Physical Time Management Supplies

Time is money and every meeting or corporate event is an opportunity for your business that one can’t afford to miss. Having an office calendar and planners as physical displays on office desks serve as time trackers that can effectively remind you and your employees of important dates, appointments, and deadlines. Don’t ignore the importance of time, distribute some planners and calendars to employees and visitors in your office.

  1. Use of Branded Corporate Stationery

Irrespectively of the size of your business, whenever the handheld device fails to work or there is a sudden power outage, depending on the stationery to get things done is inevitable. A professional company without a corporate stationery sounds absurd. A customized stationery with consistent branding signals your clients about legitimate, established, and well-rounded corporate identity of your business. It can range from notebooks, notepads, presentation folders, envelopes and letterhead paper.

We all know that a letterhead represents the logo and the company’s information. Think of a business letter that is used to sell or promote new products, making inquiries or advice customers about products and/or services, serves as a reference material for any future transactions between different organizations. Such business letters printed with letterheads are always formal and the reader can feel a sense of professionalism.

Most companies use letterheads to personalize their interaction with the clients and prospective customers and hence it is a vital factor when it comes to representing your brand and building a reminiscent impression. Letterheads can silently advertise your brand and convey the important details about your company, provide an overview of the vision of your company and increase a sense of reliability.

  1. Watch Some Marketing Content

What does the content of your marketing team look like? Is all the information on your social avenues or email marketing campaigns just a product and services-related or it is somewhat educational? Users are both finicky and savvy these days, so smart companies use such marketing avenues to push out educational content that aligns with their brand to ensure it provides value and is not just spamming the online space. Content can range from an analysis, research, industry news, white papers right up to webcasts. In order to create a more positive brand experience, watch what  educates the audience and not just solicit customers.

  1. Ensure The Quality of A Visual identity 

Imagine you are given a pile of envelopes; Will you first search for the plain white envelopes or the branded ones with an attractive and colorful letterhead offering insight into its content? It is absolutely natural that 90% of an assessment for trying out an object is made by the color tone alone. Most businesses can gain instant credibility by ensuring that all your business stationery such as your proposals letterheads, business cards, notepads, envelopes, and annual reports are uniform. Time and money invested into the Corporate Identity and branding not just conveys to business longevity but also ensures that the level of professionalism never goes unnoticed. In short, your company’s visual identity is your overall business image. Build a robust graphic visual identity and create a foundation for dyed- in –the- wool brand identity.

When communicating with consumers, the first thing investors and employees will notice is your web page and the corporate stationery. It is your first encounter and preface that should represent your company positively. In order to keep your business in the forefront of the consumer’s mind every day, do invest in business stationery like business cards and letterheads and use envelopes and folders as a marketing tool. Don’t let your employee, consumer, client or investor walk into a boring unbranded space. Let your business consistently get marketed in a non-intrusive manner with some awesome corporate uniquely designed aforementioned elements.

Do let us know your thoughts on the above pointers and of course, share the author of the quote mentioned in the beginning of the article if you can!

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