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How to Bolster the Security of Your Business Premises

by Olufisayo
Security of Your Business Premises

Being a business owner is truly not for the weak of heart.

Getting your feet off the ground, making profits, balancing expenses, and managing human resources are just some of the challenges that business people encounter on a daily basis. Aside from these, business owners also need to ensure the safety and security of their people and property.

A bulletproof security system is one of those investments that will always be worth it, no matter what. Here’s a short guide, in six steps, on how to secure the cash, movable assets, and digital information that are kept within your business premises.


Establish an airtight roving system with your security staff

Before all else, sit down with your employees and settle on an efficient 24/7 system for roving around the area. The protocol should include checking, and locking up the property’s doors, gates, and windows; constant communication and coordination; standard operating procedures on who has access to keys, passes, and switches at all times; and a monitoring- and log-keeping system on paper and digitally.

The first thing you must bolster for your business’s security is the human element; make sure the routine is consistent and your people are well-informed, trustworthy, and alert.

Invest in durable, high-quality surveillance and alarm systems

For what human eyes and touch can’t immediately capture, use an appropriate surveillance and alarm system. A good CCTV camera system complements the risk reduction aspect of security by being able to record and provide concrete evidence of any fraudulent or criminal behavior.

Consider investing in cameras that employ micro brushless motors that are finely attuned to tracking human movement over a wide range of speeds, and are robust enough to survive threats of corrosion and mechanical failure. Additionally, a good intruder alarm system will shorten the reaction time for preventive electronic locks to clamp down and for your security staff to react.

Upgrade your business’s facilities where they need it

Lessen the chances of thieves, vandals, and others trespassing into your commercial property by overseeing upgrades where they are due. Fortify a building, warehouse, or factory’s access points and boundaries—i.e. doors, windows, gates, and fences—by looking for signs of wear and tear; reinforcing metal, wood, or concrete walls; or replacing what needs to be replaced. Invest especially in good locks and windows in order to safeguard your facility from fire and natural calamity, as well as security threats.

Conscientiously keep an inventory of assets within the business property

Follow the principle that everything that exists on the property must be accounted for. That means enforcing an inventory system for all items, assets, equipment, and other collateral with tags or serial numbers. Make sure the inventory is maintainable not only on paper but digitally—and on that tangent, clear up any loose folders and papers and strengthen the passwords on your company accounts, to keep from online infiltration as well.

Establish key connections with law enforcement

Lastly, prepare for any serious situation that may happen to take place within your business premises, and be in the loop with your city and your state’s law enforcement offices. After all, a business owner must be able to take refuge in the protections provided by the law. Make it clear to the staff that calling for help is a real option, so make it a point to disseminate the police department and emergency services contact information.

In business, protection is key. Part of the cost of doing business is good enough protection for it to flourish over the years and outlast external dangers such as theft, vandalism, arson, or other types of crime and violence. With the means that you have available to you, go and take the necessary steps to protect the physical premises of your business and all the networks and relationships that depend upon it.

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