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How to Choose the Right Brew Kettles on the Market

by Olufisayo
How to Choose the Right Brew Kettles on the Market

Choosing the right brew kettle for your business is the first and a very important thing that every beginner needs to put in mind. You should not make assumptions or overlook anything. This article gives an overview of what a good kettle should have. Consider the size, material, and accessories. Let us discuss these features.

1. Material

This is a very important characteristic that many brewers overlook or just assume. Consider the material that the kettle is made of then how long you want it to serve you. Different materials have different life span. If you want a kettle that will serve you for a lifetime go for the material that lasts for a long time. Kettles can be made from Aluminum, stainless steel or copper.

Stainless steel has multiple grades and the most common ones are 201, 304, and 316. Different manufacturers use different grades of steel. 304 are used in marine because it is more resistant to corrosion compared to 201. However, 201 are used in restaurants because of its effectiveness.

How to Choose the Right Brew Kettles on the Market

2. Kettle Features

You should make a comparison of features that every manufacturer includes in their kettle. Some features include:

  • Wall thickness, this depends on the manufacturer’s preference. It can be 1mm to 5mm.
  • A thermometer, some manufacturers can choose to include an inbuilt thermometer while others may not.
  • Handles, some kettles have handles and others come without.
  • Volume markings
  • The bottom, consider the bottom of the kettle.

3. Additional Accessories

Some manufacturers will include accessories on their products upon purchase.

These are;

  • Ball valve and ports
  • Thermometer
  • Pickup tube

4. Cost

Manufacturers have different set prices for their kettle. Prices will vary depending on size, features, and additional accessories. Some manufacturers will include pricing on the additional accessories and others may not. However, the type of kettle that you want will depend on your budget. If you are on a budget, you can still get a good brewer if it suits your needs.

5. Size

The size of the kettle you want will depend on your budget and where you want to use it. If it is for home use and you are on a tight budget, you can go for a smaller one. However, a large kettle will be good since it will have a space that may prevent overflows.

6. Manufacturer

Different manufacturers make their kettle in different ways. Consider the design, the finishing, and the bottom. The finishing can have an industrial look or even a raw look. The bottom also can have different looks depending on the manufacturer. A round bottom will provide equal distribution of heat. Make sure that it is also easy to include additional accessories in the future. To understand more how to choose the right brew kettle on the market, click this article.

If you want to get the best kettle on the market today, you should have a clear understanding of what you need. Making the right choice can be hard, but when you make up your mind on what you need it will be easy for you to get it. If you want something that will last long go for the best. This will save a lot of money and resources in the future.

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