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How to Control Lazy Employees with Your Phone

by Olufisayo
How to Control Lazy Employees with Your Phone

Employee productivity is one of the major concern for many companies, especially for small companies and startups. Usually, there is not a solid way to test to measure the productivity and so the best you can do is, control it anyway.

When the companies are more moving towards the smartphone, it has become a bit easier for the employer to manage the traffic. As per the research, companies have experienced 34% more productivity among their employees.

At the same time, this has also enabled to manage the tracking better and help your resources becoming more productive. In this post, we are going to see how being an employer you can help your employee becoming more productive with the help of phone.

How to Control Lazy Employees with Your Phone

#1 Track the activities through phone

You can use any tracking app on the phone and get to know what they are doing. To help you with this tracking, you can use any spy app. Get to know more about how to spy on any phone and understand how exactly it works. These apps basically track a different kind of activities and send you a consolidated response which will help you understand the reports like what they do, how much time they take for each task, whom they interact and many other kinds of stuff like these.

#2 Ask them to check emails and messages

Yes, nowadays for almost all the products and services, a mobile app is there. So, if your employees are lazy and are not responding to your emails and messages on time, you may ask them to install the respective apps on the phone and get connected to the work. By this way, they won’t have the excuse that they were not with the system as everyone now uses the phone all the time.

This will ensure that the client’s emails and messages are being replied on time and also if any issues are coming, your people are there to acknowledge and tackle properly.

#3 Create Accountability

Yes, this is the major problem you will face. Usually, this has been seen most in a big team where multiple people are there. And so, if someone is not working also, you will have others also who will do the same.

How to Control Lazy Employees with Your Phone

The best step you should take today is, just make those lazy employees as an individual contributor and have their accountability and see the response. You can again use some task tracking mobile app to set the expectations and tracking on the progress. Snoopza app can also help here to track the progress. You can find out more at the Snoopza and understand how it can help you with this.

#4 Reskilling and shuffling

Understand their concern and know why they are doing this. Sometimes, it is not intentional and due to some issues, people get lazy. Being an employer, you need to understand their concern also.

Talk to them and understand their concern like you are the councilor or someone who really care for them. Then analyze whether they are doing it intentionally or there is something which is bothering them and hampering their performance. If the knowledge or skills are something which is the reason, get your employee reskilled or if they need some kind of motivation, help them get there.


These were some of the major ways in which you can control your lazy employee using a simple phone. The smartphone is really an awesome stuff in modern technology which is helping to manage and track the stuff you are doing. If you have any better idea, feel free to share with us.

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