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How to Create, Customize and Manage a Wix Website

by Olufisayo
How to Manage Your Website, Blog and Business

Over 115 million worldwide using Wix website builder to create and manage their websites cannot all be wrong. Many experienced web designers and programmers are able to create their own websites, while other people hire web experts to set up and configure their websites. But developing and setting up a functional website doesn’t have to be any trouble if you’d try out Wix – a cloud-based web development platform for all levels of users.

A lot goes into website design and development. A lot went into website builder too – it was developed with intelligent users in mind. Anyone anywhere can access the online web builder to create a professional web presence that meets all personal and business objectives. Whether you desire to create a simple website for your plumbing or catering business, or you want a more complex website for ecommerce purposes, Wix has all you need to create a fully personalized business website.

How to Manage Your Website, Blog and Business

How to Get Started Free Creating Websites with Wix

It is always possible to create a free website using many of Wix’s functionality. You can access the web builder’s array of features to create a functional website in five easy steps. You should start out by:

  • Registering for a free Wix account. You may have to choose the kind of website you desire to create at this point.
  • Answering a number of questions to enable Wix ADI create a functional website for you. You can alternatively choose to customize existing templates to suit your needs.
  • Configure your new website and customize it with images, videos, store, text and other contents.
  • When you get done customizing your website, you can hit the publish button to get it live and viewable by everyone around the world.
  • You may expand the functionality of your site by adding a required online store or booking system and some other needed functions as your business grows.

It must be pointed out that you really need no one to take you by the hand as you design your website with Wix before making it live. The website builder is very interactive and intuitive as you go along, and you only need to follow prompts and utilize its drag and drop functionality to get things moving. But in case you hate starting anything from the scratch, you can use Wix’s ready-made site templates to create a personalized web property that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Unique Features That Make Wix the Best Website Builder Out There

Wix makes it easy to create free websites that have pretty galleries and professional image collections among other improvements. With the website builder, you can obtain secure hosting, personalized domains, optimized SEO functionality, and mobile-compliant integrations among other things. Here are some of the unique features that make Wix web creator the best there is in the market:

  • Wix Code for setting up website databases and dynamic pages among other stunning design capabilities
  • Wix Stores for managing ribbons on your online store products
  • Wix Music for tracking website traffic, popular songs and tracking earnings among others
  • Wix Photography for designing outstanding online images and photo albums for everyone to see
  • Wix Bookings for booking services and collecting customer information
  • Wix Video for showcasing online videos
  • Wix Engage for utilizing chat options from your desktop computer
  • Wix Blog for updating content in several global languages
  • Wix SEO Wiz for optimizing SEO capabilities for enhanced visibility in the search engines
  • Wix Arena for reaching out to Wix Experts for help with website clients
  • Wix ShootOut for content and email marketing all accessible from your own dashboard
  • Quick Action Bar for Mobile to make it easy for mobile users to use your website
  • Header Tag Override to enable SEO bots better index your website
  • Hidden Elements to help you choose whether to showcase certain hidden elements on your site
  • App Market Button to help you sell your created apps in the online market

There are countless other features of Wix web builder that is unique to Wix alone that users can access and utilize when they sign up on the cloud-based platform.

Benefits of Using Wix Website Builder Today For Personal and Business Websites

There are numerous benefits to using Wix website builder for your personal and business websites. Apart from the fact that you can use the cloud-based web creator for free, you can use extra addons to expand the functionality of your websites. These include Patreon to make visitors loyal fans, Amazon for showcasing Amazon products, Wix Art Store for selling digital images as well as fulfilling orders, and Visual Stats Bar for displaying marketing goals and the progress of other online events.

Try your hand on Wix interactive website builder today and enjoy the best stunning new templates among other mouth-watering benefits for free.

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