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How to Create Intuitive and Free Online Videos for All Purposes

by Olufisayo

Creating professional videos online is expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. Not where Kapwing is available. Kapwing is a free online video creation and editing platform that makes digital storytelling a breeze. There are equally other video creation platforms on the internet, but they all come with intrusive ads and limited features. Not Kapwing.

Kapwing is designed for freelance artists, content marketers, influencers and anyone interested in making and sharing quick videos with the world. It comes with a simple and intuitive design that communicates its functionality, and it is fast. Most importantly, it is free for all levels of users with no restrictions on accessible functions. And yes, it works on all operating systems and even more interesting for mobile users.


What you can do with Kapwing online video editor is limitless. Some of the functions and features of Kapwing includes –

  • Studio – let your creative juice flow with video creation
  • Video maker – do the unimaginable with videos
  • Meme generator – generate memes by using various templates
  • Subtitler – easily add captions and subtitles and texts to videos
  • Add audio to video – add and sync audio files or music to videos
  • Video resizer – determine the size of videos to fit all screens and space
  • Video trimmer – trim and cut videos with a few clicks
  • Collage maker – place images, GIFs and videos side by side
  • Image to video – convert images into video
  • Reverse video – play videos backwards with a rewind effect
  • Loop video – loop and repeat videos for effects
  • Video speed changer – to prolong the length of a video
  • Video converter – to image frames, GIF, and other formats
  • Slideshow maker – make slideshows adjusted for timing and sequence
  • Text or captions to video adder – add text or captions to video and change fonts, color and size
  • Video quality adjuster – adjust video with brightness, saturation and contrast with necessary filters
  • Watermark video – watermark your videos with a custom text or brand logo

You are not a serious online entrepreneur if you cannot create videos that sell. And you have all the necessary online tools at your disposal with Kapwing. It must be noted that a tiny brand watermark will be visible at a corner of all videos created with Kapwing. But this unintrusive company watermark can be removed for only $6 per video created and for $20 per month for unlimited videos created.

This small fee, according to the product developers, is for keeping the Kapwing website running. And in case you have no ability to pay but desire to use all features of the product for free, it is possible but you have to get in touch with the product team at hello@kapwing.com

Kapwing was developed by Julia and Eric, two former Google workers.

What are you waiting for? Sign up with Kapwing right away and make more money or get more popular with unlimited shareable videos.

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