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How to Design the Perfect Packaging for Your Products

by Olufisayo
Perfect Packaging

Package design seems like a complex task but for the most part, it can be made simpler by following a few golden rules. Your product can be the best on the market, but if your packaging is terrible then you may as well give up.

Consumers are after a few key pieces of information when they’re deciding what to buy so your job as a package designer is to make sure that all of their needs are met – and met well. Here is a simple breakdown of what the perfect package design requires:

1. Target Market

First things first, when designing packaging for a product, you must keep the target market in mind. Things like age, style, budget, and consumer expectations are things to be considering when you’re drafting your design.

The package sets the tone for what consumers can expect to be purchasing – use that power wisely for your marketing campaign. Your packaging needs to stand out and draw your customer in.

2. Choose The Right Wording

Consumers are a mixed bunch; you never really know what you’re going to get with them. There are packaging trends to keep an eye on that will make sure that your product is going to be chosen before your competitor’s products. The most effective way to capture your audience’s attention is to choose the right wording for your package. Buy bubble mailers wholesale and do dry runs, this is the best way to get the same experience your customers do when they order from you.

3. Be Honest

Modern-day consumers respond best when they feel they are being sold on a product honestly and sincerely. Refrain from making outlandish claims and promises that your product cannot live up to.

Research on how your competitors present their products and don’t make the same mistakes as they do. Focus on what your product does and how it will add value to your customer’s life. Your packaging creates an emotional connection with consumers and it is your job to make sure that connection is a positive one.

4. Make It User-Friendly

If there is anything that puts a consumer off the most, it’s packaging that is seemingly impossible to open. Make sure that your packaging is simple to open or you add clear instructions on how to do it. Don’t complicate the process; there is a fine line between protecting the product and annoying your customer.

5. Achieve The Perfect Fit

One of the most vital aspects of packaging design is to make sure it is designed for the product it houses. Not only will you gain the respect of your customer by not pretending that your product is bigger than it truly is, but you will also save money on packaging material.

Be creative with your design style, consumers are always on the lookout for something new and exciting. Choose the right shape for your product; the safest bet is to choose one that fits the industry standard.

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