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Ways to Earn Money on Instagram

by Olufisayo
how to earn money on instagram

Instagram is one of the fast-growing social platforms in the world today. As a social site, it has gradually changed to a marketing platform also for businesses and individuals as well.

For anyone who looks forward to starting a career on Instagram or to convert it into a money-making platform, here is the right place. Let’s look at some of the ways you can generate money on Instagram. Explore more content on the best jobs for working from home on custom dissertation writing help.

1. Publish sponsored posts.

It’s straightforward. All you need to do is recommend a brand to your users by sharing their products or services to your followers. Here, you act as an influencer, and by referring friends and those who follow you, you create traffic for the brand you are recommending.

Alternatively you can sell Instagram accounts and get one lumpsum payment immediately. If you are good at growing Instagram followers you can constantly grow and sell accounts and earn recurring revenue.

2. Become an Ambassador for a Brand.

It is good to publish sponsored posts on your handle, but what’s more convenient is signing with a company or brand to become their ambassador and promote them regularly. Big companies send products to their ambassadors most times for review and promotional purposes for free. That’s not enough, and they also pay their ambassadors depending on their reach and audience.

3. Promote Affiliate Links.

Join affiliate programs to allow you to earn commission by marketing. Proper marketing for affiliate markets means big cash in return. Different affiliate networks, including Clickbank, Shareasale, Impact, and Awin, can see you earning roughly $70k per month.

4. Selling digital and physical products

As earlier mentioned, Instagram is fast becoming a social marketplace and a platform for advertising for different companies.

In the recent updates, Instagram introduced a business account which contains features like the shop button, app checkout, shoppable stickers, and product tags, making shopping convenient and easy. You can try out selling some stuff you buy at a cheaper price for profit.

5. Selling visual content

If you an excellent graphic designer or have a thing for creativity, this can be your dream hustle. Similarly, creative photographers and animators can reap off the best from their work by selling on Instagram. On the same note, you can choose to sell your videos or photos to different companies for their advertisement or marketing needs.

6. Providing marketing services

The platform influences the big faces in the market and is more likely to affect their performance for good or negatively.

There are even more emerging brands increasing the competition for their peers alike in the market. Partnering with these businesses and marketing their products and services is a sure way of making money. When you attract traffic for the brands, you grow their profitability and gain exposure and not to mention cash.

7. Writing captions for Brands and Businesses

Some many companies and brands outsource duties such as writing creative captions for their posts and products. Often, they look for creative professionals who help them write captions at a low cost. Upwork is a popular site for anyone who wishes to start freelancing for social media marketing.

8. Make Instagram stories filters and masks

Watching Instagram stories for most people today is part of their daily customs. Through Instagram stories, businesses have an opportunity to engage with an active audience. You can be one of the people who generate income by creating such stories on Instagram using the Spark AR studio.

9. Find Freelance Clients.

You can do more than post cute photos of you on vacation on Instagram. Being a social site, you can use this platform to network with prospective clients, most notably in creative fields. You can use Instagram as a portfolio where anyone can see your work, and if the content, they can ask for your services.


There are more than the above ways you can generate income on Instagram. Go ahead and try some of these ways and make money while you can. All the best.

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