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Oil Entrepreneurs: How To Get Into The Oil Business, And Is It Even Worth It?

by Olufisayo
Oil Entrepreneurs

Everyone wants to be rich — the only question is what you’re willing to do for it. Are you willing to start your own shipping company or spend days in the beating sun drilling and refining dangerous chemicals? If you’re not willing to push yourself to the edge, how can you hope to be rich?

The oil industry does both of those things; it will push you to your limits while also filling your pockets. Yet, knowing how to get into the oil business can seem as difficult as making money in it. It’s a big industry and it can seem like there is hardly any room for newcomers to share in the profits.

Not only is it a crowded industry, but it’s come under serious fire in recent years. Ever since it was revealed that Exxon and Shell knew they were contributing to climate change, companies have faced controversy. The entire industry is under serious heat for putting the entire planet in an apocalyptic situation.

Yet, that doesn’t mean there isn’t still time to make money in it! Keep reading below to learn more about how to get into the oil business and start putting your profits in the bag!

The Oil Industry Needs Diversity

The oil industry needs many things including new regulations, technologies, and revenue. Most of all, it needs more diversity. The same people have led the industry ever since it formed. They’ve followed the same ideas for years, and it’s pushed the industry to the edge of collapse in the face more sustainable fuel options.

The failure to innovate is a direct result of a failure to diversify the industry’s leadership. Only 13.5 percent of board seats in the industry are held by women. Even fewer are held by African-Americans or any other minority.

If you’re a member of a minority group and are considering going into the oil business, you have the power to change an entire industry. Just don’t expect your rise to the top to be easy!

Skills Can Be Learned, Experiences Are Unique

Diversity is what makes companies and industries adaptable in the face of change. When a board is made up of a diverse array of people, it is able to lead companies with greater effectiveness. It will consider more perspectives and have more information when making decisions.

You’re going to pick up the skills you need to succeed during the course of your career. Yet, your personal experiences are unique to you. Nobody can ever have the exact same experiences as you, and those can be more valuable than any skill in leadership positions.

It’s Easy to Know How to Get Into the Oil Business

Getting started in the oil industry can be as easy as getting started in any other industry if you’re okay with starting from the bottom. If you’re okay with being a laborer on an oil rig, then you should apply! Over time, you’ll establish the connections and learn the skills you need to rise within the business.

Yet, you can also simply start your own company within it. You’ll need to study up on the diverse array of laws governing the industry, and work long nights to succeed. If you start your own oil company, you can expect a lot of competition, no matter what your company does.

Yet, if you manage to survive in the industry, you can expect a trove of profits! It all comes down to how much you’re willing to, and how lucky you are to strike black gold!

Staying in the Oil Industry Is Another Story

While starting in the oil industry can be simple, staying in it is different. Getting started in the industry is the same as any other; you just need to have an idea and work towards it. To stay in it though, you need expertise.

To establish a lasting company in the industry, you need to familiarize yourself with laws like the Jones Act. You need to establish international connects which will help you spread your business. Most of all, you need to make friends in the industry who you can trust to have your back when the competition starts trying to undercut you.

Not All Oil Industry Entrepreneurs Need to Drill

There are more kinds of companies in the oil industry than just drilling companies. Not everyone can spend days on oil rigs, enduring sweltering heat and testing the limits of their strength. Some people are better at handling accounts, managing records, or speaking to the public.

No matter where you’re strengths lie, there’s a role you can play in the oil industry. Just keep reading below to learn about some examples.

Oil and Gas Servicing Companies Maintain the Industry

Drills are complex machines with more moving parts than anyone can count. And as a result, they take a lot of work to maintain. It takes more labor and materials to maintain a drilling rig than any rig can keep on site. As a result, drilling companies rely on servicing companies to upkeep their equipment.

Servicing companies make up the backbone of the entire industry and keep it running. Without them, equipment failures would be normal and no company would be able to get oil.

It’s Logical to Get Into Oil Logistics

Drilling oil isn’t the only step of the process to refine oil into usable materials. Once it comes out of the ground, the oil needs to be transported to refineries or retailers. And most drilling companies commission logistics companies to handle transporting oil.

As an oil logistics company, you will just need to worry about delivering oil in the same way delivery companies worry about delivering packages. You could be the FedEx of the oil industry, only you could make more money than ever!

Getting Started in Oil is Easy, Staying Is Hard

The oil industry is a dual-edged sword. It will put both your profits and your future in the black. It’s easy to know how to get into the oil business, but surviving and thriving in it can seem impossible. In fact, the oil industry doesn’t just preclude possibilities for the people in it.

It also endangers everyone else. The industry is directly responsible for creating a worldwide crisis. People have called for industry leaders to respond to climate change. And when you work in the industry, you will be a part of it.

Yet, if you’re okay with that, the profits can seem endless. And to learn how to make some of that money, keep reading here. Our website is always updated with new ideas and inspiration to help any aspiring entrepreneur!

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