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How to Get More Engagement from Your Employees

by Olufisayo
Happy and Engaged Employees

The biggest asset that any company has is the people that work for them.

It is the people that drive the business forward making it profitable, selling your products or services. So how do you create employee engagement and increase efficiency?

You will need to focus on what your workers want and offer rewards and incentives which will increase productivity and induce positive morale.

How to Get More Engagement from Your Employees

Employee Engagement is a Win-Win Situation

The average business owner is probably thinking, how much is this going to cost me? It really does not have to cost you that much at all, if anything! The idea of employee engagement and rewarding hard work has three effects on your business.

  • Benefits to Employees – Through hard work and meeting targets, employees are rewarded by various means. This incentivises employees and gives them additional targets to work to.
  • Recognition and Reward – Sometimes, just a little thank you can make it all seem worthwhile. By recognising and rewarding employees, you are giving them that proverbial pat on the back.
  • Increasing Productivity through Sales and Channel Initiatives – Increased productivity and sales can offset any expense that you may incur for any reward that is offered.

So you can have happy and incentivised employees, which will increase productivity and also profits. Any cost for the reward or incentive that you offer is offset by the increased performance and productivity of your employees.

Happy and Engaged Employees

Happy and Engaged Employees

To put a monetary value to things, offering your employees incentives and rewards can be worth over ten times the amount that you invest in them. It can ignite the hunger in your workers to strive to achieve more and be rewarded for it. You will need to remember that everyone is driven by different motives, so you should invest in a scheme which has various rewards to offer to suit the variety of different employees that you need to engage. The incentives that you can offer can vary and come in many different forms:

  • Early Finish on a Friday
  • Free Lunch or Dinner
  • Free Movie Tickets
  • A Games Console
  • A Day Off
  • Money
  • Gift Vouchers

The list can go on for a long time, and by having a wide and varied list to give employees, you can make sure that you engage as many employees as possible. By having both incentives which are competed for with others as well as individual incentives for people to work to, you can increase productivity and efficiency amongst all of your employees.

Tell Everyone How Good your Employees Are!

When you have great employees, you should be shouting from the rooftops and letting everyone know about it! These incentive schemes are also a great way to publicise your employees, and advertise your company as a whole, not only to potential clients, but also to potential future employees also.

If a worker feels valued, then they are going to be happy in their work and this will come across to everybody else. Everybody wants to have a job that they like as it makes the rigmarole of working every day much more bearable. You can promote your employees on your website showing everyone how happy your employees are and how well they are looked after.

If you are stuck for ideas of how to implement plans to gain employee engagement, then do a quick search on the internet as there are many companies which can assist you in setting these reward systems up, as well as providing great ideas for rewards and incentives that will get your business shooting for the stars.

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