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Why Success Is a Matter of Life and Death: How to guarantee business success

by Olufisayo
How to guarantee business success

Life and Death

We live in a world of opposites. We have up and down, on and off, black and white, etc. The most fundamental axiom on which Life is based is “Life” and “Death.” There are continuums between these opposites. We all live on a continuum of “Life” and “Death.”

We are either moving toward one or the other. Basically, we are either moving toward Life or death. The movements toward Life are “Growth” and the movements toward death are “Decay.”

How to guarantee business success

If Life represents the color white and death represents the color black, the area between them is grayscale. We choose to live in a specific shade of gray between black and white, between Life and death. We live in different shades of gray that determines if we are growing or dying. Our success depends on where we exist on the continuum between Life and death.

If we exist on the side of the continuum closer to death in a darker shade of gray, then our Life will be filled with things that characterize death and suffering to us and those around us. Our results would be pain, suffering, loss, and despair. Prosperity does not live in death. Abundance lives in Life and growth.

Growth can only occur in Life and will never occur in Death. Therefore, if we want to grow and become prosperous, we must choose Life. We give Life to our customers. That is how we are able to build our businesses. We give Life by taking actions that promote more Life for all.

So with that being said, doesn’t it make sense that we only invest in things that are profitable and have growth? In fact, it is my number one principle in Life. “I only invest my time money and energy in things that are full of Life and have growth.” If we always invest in growth and Life, we are guaranteed to make money and become prosperous. If that which we invest in is growing, our investment also grows.

The decisions that we make every day will either promote Life or death for ourselves and for others in our lives. Basically, all of our actions will either bring us more Life or more death depending on the results of our actions. A sure fire way to bring more death to people is to take more from them than what was offered in value and energy. When we receive more than we give, we are called a “receiver.” When we give more than we receive, we are a “giver.” An excessive receiver is called a taker, and an excessive taker is a thief. We also have excessive givers and humanitarians at the opposite end of the continuum.

How to guarantee business success

This is why we need balance in our lives. We need to learn how to give and receive equally. We give value and power to our customers so they can grow. If we are constantly taking more then we give, we are a drain on society. If we give everything away, we will end up with nothing in our lives. Therefore, both giving and receiving are equally important. We must be able to receive compensation based on our value provided.

Let’s face the facts, 80% of all business fail within the first five years. The reason is because the owner of the company did not understand the dynamics of Life and death. Life and business is a matter of Life and death. If you have Life in your business, your business will grow. If you have death in your business, your business will go bankrupt.

That is the whole point of the story, we don’t think and get rich; we need to grow ourselves to riches. That is why we “think and grow rich,” not “think and get rich.” We have to align ourselves with the ability to grow towards Life and not die toward death. The way we do this is by taking actions consistent with promoting more Life for ourselves and for others in our lives.We need to find the 10% of the businesses that have Life and are growing. When we find them, we need to invest in them in some capacity. At the very least, do the same things they do so we can grow with them just as fast.

The beauty of this principle is that it does not matter what our investment vehicle is as long as it is growing and has Life. Everything alive grows. We just need to be able to identify what companies are growing or dying so we can invest accordingly. If our business has Life, it will grow. If it has death, it will die.

If we give Life to our customers, our customer base grows. If we give death to our customers by taking more than the value offered, our customer base will die.

There are 2 different ways to make money in today’s society.

1) Receive more compensation than the value provided.
2) Offer high value to the customer and receive compensation accordingly.

The majority of businesses are in the first category. This is the reason why 80% of new businesses fail within the first 5 years. I’m not saying that these companies did not provide value to customers; if they had value, they offered no Life.

The value must provide more Life for the customer. If it does not, they will not purchase it. Does your product make people better off or worse off than they were before? Does it promote Life or death?Value is what it is all about. My compensation is in direct proportion to the value I offer. Therefore, if I offer a product and/or service that contain a high degree of value, then it will sell like hot-cakes.

What is your value? You determine your own value. If your value is low, then you will have issues with a ton of money in your accounts and eventually lose it all. Vice versa, if you have high value, you will have issues with no money and choose to change it for the better to have it all.

How to guarantee business success

Value coupled with strength is an extremely powerful tool. Use it today to create abundance.

Rules of Engagement

In order to become a successful investor and business owner, we must have some rules of engagement. These rules are actually principles to live by so we can guarantee success in our lives.
Read these rules and commit them to memory.

If we are to operate with these four characteristics, we are guaranteed to become wealthy. Investing in things that grow is the best way to become profitable. If we invest in death and decay, our investment will die.

1) I only put my time, money, and energy into Life and growth.
2) I always take profit and protect what I love.
3) I realize my true high value and share it with others.
4) I always maintain a high level of energy.

We love money and we wish to protect it. We do not idolize money; however, we love it just like we do our friends and family. If we want money in our lives, we need to respect it and love it.

Let me ask you a question. Do you want to be around somebody who does not respect you or love you in any way shape or form? Of course you do not. Guess what? Neither does money. It wants to be loves and appreciated.

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