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How to Implement ERP in Small & Mid-Sized Companies

by Olufisayo
How to Implement ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning has been used by larger businesses to maintain the supply chains, built-up process, human resource supervision, and economic analysis.

This development cycle is being supported and guided with the ERP system that regulates and paves way for the profit track.

There are many limitations that an ERP implementation looks out with the market terms. To handle the server that the ERP vendors namely Microsoft, SAP, and SSA Global offer software solutions specifically designed to run and handle simple hardware and small to medium-sized businesses.

Implementation procedure

Define your business process in writing as it helps you in choosing your perfect fit software vendor to meet your business prerequisite. It makes you understand well on the business values and allows you to select the apt custom software solution that fits your process.

Get in contact with more ERP solution providers; you need to explain the business requirements and the parts that are to function beneath the ERP systems. Some of the common focus on the area includes Accounting, finance, manufacture, support chain management, and warehousing.

Collect the tenders that are needed for the business requirements review by comparing the pros and cons. Check the price estimation for custom modules and existing modules as the custom modules are more costly than the latter ones.

Choose the appropriate ERP provider, the quality of the provider also depends on various factors such as the type of the business chosen, part of the business that needs the service, and module specifications.

Install the network, hardware, and ERP service required for your system. An ERP system can run the software along with the database upon a single server. Some of the specific complex systems need software and database server to run separately.

Install the Software on the newly established hardware; some of the ERP systems make use of end-user installation from manufacturer specification.

Configure and tune the software according to your business processing system with required adjustments for the pre-configured ERP Modules. Training on the ERP system that is implemented in the business is important as they vary from simple to complex standards.

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