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A Business Owner’s Guide on How to Improve Internet Connection in the Office

by Olufisayo
Internet Connection

The average internet speed in the USA is 32.89Mb/s. And once upon a time, that was enough. But with more people using video streaming in their everyday line of work, business internet speeds are suddenly becoming too slow very quickly.

Whether you’re using satellite or cable internet, there are many ways to optimize your office internet. So if you’ve been wondering how to improve internet connections in your office, this article discusses some different methods for optimizing your office connection.

That way, you can make an informed decision about what is right for your business.

How To Improve Internet Connection As It Is

Think about your existing internet connection and what’s working and what’s not. For example, are you having issues in particular parts of the building, or is it certain computers?

Figure out what your bandwidth is while checking and compare it to the speeds available for your internet provider. If it’s lower than what you need, consider switching providers or upgrading your plan through the provider (speed will vary).

If it appears correct, you can download and use a speed test to see if you are getting the speeds you’re promised. If not, you can call up and complain or cancel.

Location is Everything

Consider getting a wireless router and place it off the floor in your office building to not get interrupted by physical objects when using the Internet. Use a router that supports 802.11ac because this is one of the newer and faster standards of Wi-Fi that can be used to improve speed and throughput in your office.

Check out Wi-Fi boosters connected to your router and placed anywhere in the office to boost wireless signals. You should only really do this as a last resort though, as you might find upgrading your initial router’s location rectifies most of the issues first-time.

If Wireless Doesn’t Work, Go Wired.

If none of that works, consider switching from Wi-Fi to a wired connection if your employees are having trouble connecting. You feel that it’s because of interference from other devices.

This may be cheaper than buying a whole new router, depending on how many computers need to be connected. Consider getting a cable modem with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities so that your employees don’t have to pay extra for Internet services or buy their own router.

Ask about a static IP because this can be crucial when configuring your internet connections. This is particularly important for security systems and other connections that are symptomatic of going offline regularly or kicking other devices off the internet.

Research Other Options

Consider managed IT solutions & computer repair services. These companies can install bandwidth monitoring systems (like NetFlow, sFlow, Jflow — there are many options). These systems inform you about who is using the internet at what time. That way, you can monitor potential leaks from employees who may be hogging your Internet bandwidth.

When you buy or rent office space, ask what internet services are available to you. If your current provider does not have a good connection in that area, call another company to see if they do.

If you are looking to install a new Internet connection, consider going with fiber-optic connections. These have the highest speed available and can be used to support multiple high-bandwidth applications at once.

Slow Internet Kills Productivity

Internet speed is essential for any business. A high-speed connection will maximize productivity in your office. It can help save you money when it comes to equipment and software costs.

There are many guides for how to improve internet connection in the office, depending on your situation. With the right changes, you’ll be more productive in no time!

If you’re looking to improve your business productivity keep reading our blogs and see what tips you can pick up today!

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