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How to Increase Brand Awareness to Improve Brand Recall

by Olufisayo
Improve Brand Recall

How many times has this happened to you? You need a service or a product and scarcely remember a company you met that offers it.

However, you can’t remember the name of it for the life of you. Because of that, you have no way of reconnecting with them. It’s their own fault… they didn’t make their brand memorable to you.

Don’t let that happen to your business. Focusing on brand recall is just as important as building the brand reputation, to begin with. It’s what helps your company stay in their heads.

Here are several ways to increase brand awareness and legitimize your brand recall.

1. Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

This point is first on this list for a reason, it’s arguably the most important thing to remember about your marketing scheme as a whole.

No matter what marketing campaigns and catchy mottos you come up with, you have to continue to push them on the marketplace over and over.

Why can’t you get your local car dealer’s famous jingle out of your head? Because they’ve been saying it in TV and radio commercials for years now. You know all the lyrics simply because all their advertisements end the same way.

The key to this battle is to be consistent in more ways than one. It’s not necessarily about saying the same phrase in every single ad that you run. That’s considered being repetitive, not consistent.

Consistency is more about spreading the same message across all your marketing outlets: social media, advertisements, billboards, GoogleAds, etc.

Also, be sure to stay consistent with your contact information as well. Keep it readily available for everyone that searches for it, regardless of where they find it.

2. Consider All Marketing Trends

The only thing that isn’t constantly changing within the marketing industry is change itself.

It’s a very trendy space. Customers in the market go through different phases of interests and the marketing industry is constantly catering to those interests.

Because of that, it’s important to consider any and all marketing trends in building your brand awareness. Clients only want to work with companies that are in with the trends as much as they are.

However, to build brand recall, you have to find a balance between using trends and not using them.

For example, you can use digital advertising trends to your advantage without giving up on those offline marketing campaigns that have brought you success.

Integrating new outlets to your brand is always healthy. It helps you stay in front of the customers at all times, regardless of the ways they find the brands they stick to.

Just remember to consider every marketing trend carefully. Get involved with the trends that you feel best fit your company and the brand that you’ve built for it.

3. SEO is Your New Best Friend

Very few businesses and brands are successful these days without a strong hand in search engine optimization (SEO).

Think about it: how do you get answers to the questions you have? You go onto Google and type in the question in the search bar. Then, you get top results that will answer your question right away.

What if you’re an auto shop and someone in your town types in a question about an alternator? If you’re not using SEO, then you miss out on a huge payday.

So… how do you start integrating SEO into your marketing strategies?

There are several layers such as researching keywords, embedding links, and using quality content to up your ranks in the eyes of Google’s algorithm.

Be sure to do proper research on each and come up with an SEO strategy that will support your brand. Building your online presence will help your brand recall skyrocket like never before!

4. Build Your Social Media

Side by side with the need for building your SEO presence is building your social media presence.

The impression you leave on social media will have a direct effect on the brand that you build for your company in the marketplace. Few places are better for building brand recall than social media outlets.

Outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn (to name a few) all serve a purpose. They each bring their own assets to supporting the brand you’re building.

Try building your brand with things such as hashtags, interacting with comments, liking similar pages, etc.

Keep the social media active and your followers and connections will turn into clients in no time at all. Because they found you through social media, it will build a connection to your brand and result in consumer loyalty as well!

5. Partner with Influencers

Other than your in-house employees, no one will do a better job of building your brand to social media users than social influencers.

By simply listing out your company’s title, you instantly build up your brand recall.

People will recognize your brand as one that was mentioned by a social influencer that they idolize and listen to every word of. Few things are more powerful for your brand than that.

Figure out who the heavy influencers are for your industry on things like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter to get things started.

Building Your Brand Recall Takes Time!

While you’re desperately wanting to build your brand recall, it’s important to remember that this will take time.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Thousands of companies are trying to build brand recall as you are. Stay true to your vision and reap the results in the end.

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