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How to Jumpstart the Office in the AM

by Olufisayo
How to Jumpstart the Office in the AM

Let’s face it, we have all encountered those mornings where every minute of every hour just drags and drags. It is not something that many people are able to pull themselves out of, but that is simply because they might not know about the various ways in which they can do so.

There are in fact a few fantastic ways in which you can get that jump start on your morning, and help others around you do the same, especially when there is work to be done. Here are a few of those ways:

How to Jumpstart the Office in the AM

Get a Coffee Machine for the Office

Coffee is the fuel that can help perk everyone up and motivate them to finally get the day started. It is warm, inviting, and even just the smell is enough to get the attention of everyone in the office. There are a lot of options for the office coffee machine, so you will want to pick the one that you believe will help suit the needs and interests of not just yourself, but most of the people in your office. Even if not everyone is going to have coffee every morning, they will know that it is there when they need it.

There are the simple single serve machines that use the disposable plastic coffee filled cups, so each cup has just the right amount of coffee brewed into it. Then there are some espresso machines that you can also put into the office. Just whatever you do, you will want to make sure that everyone is being taught how to use the machines so they will not only get the best cup of coffee possible but so the machines will not accidentally become broken.

Send Out Inspirational Quotes

Sometimes, people just need to be reminded how well they have it, how smart they are, and how they can really grab a hold of the day and make it their own. You can help yourself and others by reading and sharing inspirational quotes that will help perk up the demeanor of everyone around the office.

If you don’t want to stand in front of everyone and make them listen to you read off quotes, that is not a problem. You can make it a ritual to send a morning email, showcasing some of your favorite inspirational quotes that you have come across. If not everyone in your company has access to computers or an email account, you can write a single inspirational quote along with the top of a dry erase board that you have hanging on the wall. It will not take long before you start to hear others talk about the quotes, as they will begin to look forward to reading the new inspirational quote of the day each time they come into work.

Let Everyone Have Access to a Quick Snack

It might not seem like a lot, but allowing everyone to have access to a quick snack can really help improve productivity, especially for those who might be experiencing drops in blood sugar levels. After all, when your blood sugar starts to drop too low, you can begin to feel lethargic. This will not help your employees or the bottom line for your business. You need people on their feet and ready to take on the tasks for the day.

Take some time to discuss some of the vending machine options with a local vendor. There are some machines that are meant for snacks such as bags of nuts and dried fruit, chips, and candies. Then there are the refrigerated vending machines that will hold other items such as fresh fruit, sandwiches, and maybe even things like hard boiled eggs. You can also have milk and orange juice containers stocked in that type of vending machine.

When you implement those ideas, as well as any others that you come across, you should find that you are going to be able to easily help yourself and your staff perk up a lot easier.

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