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How to Maintain the Furniture at Your Office?

by Olufisayo
How to Maintain the Furniture at Your Office

Comfort plays a key role in any workplace enhancing the efficiency of the workers. Employees need to work for the entire day in their offices, therefore, the furniture of the office should be well maintained. But the office furniture items undergo a lot of damage because of their regular use. But luckily there are also certain ways through which you can keep it well maintained and can improve the lives of these.

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Carry out regular cleaning 

Cleaning of the items is most important. Dust away loose dust particles regularly to protect items. If you don’t dust regularly then the dust particles begin to form a layer over the surface. If there is tough dust present then you can use warm water and a solution to clean it depending on the material of the furniture items. Clean it once and then wipe it well with a dry cloth to avoid any kind of left residue.

Move carefully 

You should not drag or push furniture items because it won’t only damage these items but also leave scratches on the flooring. When there is a need for moving the furniture pieces then getting the help of the additional hands is great. Lift the items by taking the help of the other people and then move them with care. This will also increase the life of these pieces.

Avoid the direct sunlight 

If there is direct sunlight fall on the furniture items then it will damage the items earlier. Sunlight can dry out furniture and fade the surfaces of items. If there is no choice and you have to place items in the bright sunlight area then consider covering them to enhance your life. The direct scorching heat coming from the sun leads to cracks on the surfaces.

Temperature and humidity 

Furniture items can become accustomed to rise and contract because of the change in the humidity, especially the wooden ones. If you keep more or less constant ambient humidity levels then this will minimize the contraction and expansion of the wooden and the items can stay last longer.

Go through the maintenance instructions 

Depending on the material type of the furniture items, different guidelines have been provided by the manufacturing company and you have to read these carefully to understand what to do to maintain the furniture.

Don’t use cleaning products containing ammonia and bleach 

One should not use cleaning products such as ammonia, bleach, and other harsh chemicals. Still if for any reason, there is a need to use such products then the fabrics, wood, and metal are kept away from these solutions. Also, replace gloves and clothes after using the same.


Usually, all people have a habit to sit in the same spot, especially all the employees who sit on their spot on the couch or chairs every day. But this is what causes cushions to lose their form and they get damaged from a certain spot where it has been used mostly. If you have a habit of trying to change your sitting position and use different sports then it will not damage the form soon. This will slow down the sign of aging.

Some additional furniture care tips 

  • Don’t leave any newspaper or printed paper on these items.
  • If spills occur, be sure to attend these at first. Don’t wipe instead blot the area.
  • There should be no pointed and sharp objects present near the furniture items. Keep these away to protect the outer surface from any kind of scratches.
  • Abrasive cleaning materials should not be used for cleaning because these can degrade the quality of the items.

Wrapping it all up!!!

Furniture maintenance is not an easy thing to do, apart from general regular cleaning, it also requires deep cleaning at certain intervals by using professional services. Also, all the employees working there need to adapt a few above-written habits to ensure the long life of the items.

Photo by Uneebo Office Design on Unsplash

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