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How to Make Money With Online Video

by Olufisayo
Make Money With Online Video

Online video is quickly becoming one of the biggest untapped opportunities on the web.

With shooting, editing and producing high quality video becoming easier than ever, and with the opportunity to make video available to almost anyone, there are quite a few possibilities available to make money within this market.

Now, most everyone who spends anytime online is aware of online video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. Many of those people who are making and posting videos are using the embed capability to allow their videos to be featured on a variety of sites. The YouTube Partnership Program allows online video makers to earn money by having clickable ads placed within the videos, then each time the ad is clicked, money is earned for the video producer.

Make Money With Online Video

New platforms have been emerging over the past few years that allows video producers to be able to post their videos, while at the same time earning more and higher amounts of revenue off of them. Sites that are becoming more and more visible under this trend are Brightcove and SpringBoard.

The concept behind these sites is that they will allow for ads to be trafficked, which will enable each video to earn more money.

By being able to leverage these new platforms it will be much easier to be able to have the opportunity to earn increasing amounts of revenues over time. As online video becomes more and more popular and an increasingly viable method to use in order to make money, having advanced knowledge of these techniques will enable one to have a step up on the competition in the future.

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