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How to Make Profit with Angel Broking Demat Account

by Olufisayo
How to Make Profit with Angel Broking

Along with the traditional approaches, the investors had to worry about the certificates and documents of the investments as well. The actual concept of the demat account is absolutely secure and it means of holding the securities just like a bank account.

By possessing the physical certificates of your shares, bonds etc. there will be numerous of the risks like theft and mutilation. Other than that, the risks of bad-delivery, delays in transfer of physical securities or just holding fake papers are also present.

Though you might be opting for the right place to investment, but dealing with the Angel Broking Demat Account, you will be safe and secure. Their Demat account can simply save your neck from all such types of troubles. You will surely stay assured about the security for you long-term investments by holding your securities electronically.

How to Make Profit with Angel Broking Demat Account

Reasons of dealing with them

  • Flexibility of parking almost each and every investment
  • Automatic credit of the redemption profits in your account
  • Direct credit of all payments and interests in your connected bank account
  • Automatic manifestation of bonus, rights, merger, split, etc.
  • The choice of online trading as well as transfer of share
  • The nomination of legal heirs along with one nomination in the Angel Broking Demat Account
  • No chance of mismatch in the signatures due to the dematerialized trading of the securities
  • It also reduces the brokerage charges
  • There will be quite lesser requirements of the paper work
  • The investors don’t have to face forgery or delivery problems


The depository is absolutely similar to a bank. It also holds shares that belong to the investors, in electronic form. The investor has to open the demat account along with the depository, through a Depository Participant. The DP is an intermediary between the investor and the depository. There are two depositories, viz., National Securities Depository and Central Depository Services. Though, there are several banks available, but choosing Angel Broking you will be absolutely safe and secure.


The shares bought as well as sold by you are reflected in your demat account. Any shares you are holding in the paper form can also be dematerialised and preserved by way of electronic credit in your demat account. Lately, stock exchanges have simplified sale and purchase of mutual fund schemes on the exchange.

How to Make Profit with Angel Broking

Make profit with demat account

  1. In the depository system, the actual ownership as well as transfer of securities takes place by means of electronic book entries. It offers a lot of benefits.
  2. Dealing in the physical securities is open to risks like theft of stocks, mutilation of certificates as well as loss of certificates during some movements to and from the registrars.
  3. This problem does not rise in the depository environment. There is no such stamp duty for transfer of shares in electronic form, unlike a physical segment.
  4. In the depository environment, once the securities are accredited to your account, you turn out to be the legal owner of the securities. There is no further requirement to send it to the company’s registrar.
  5. The depository offers for the direct credit of the non-cash corporate entitlements, just like the rights and bonus to your account, thereby confirming faster disbursement as well as also leading to reduction in brokerage costs.

How to buy shares through a demat account

If you seriously want to purchase in the secondary market, then you will surely need the trading account along with the broker. Once your purchase trades are executed in the trading account as well as the exchange provides the confirmation then the shares will definitely come into your demat account on T+2 days.

There is no extra effort essential from your end and the credit to your demat account is absolutely automatic. It requires being simply reiterated that your broker will transfer the shares to your demat account if the whole amount due against the acquisition is paid by you before the pay-in date. Alternatively, the broker might also hold up transferring some of the shares into your demat account if any dues are pending at your end. Apparently, dealing with the Angel broker, your account will be protected.

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