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How to Make Your Business Popular Among Zoomers

by Olufisayo
How to make your business popular

Generation Z is one of the main consumers today. That’s why all businesses have to know how to promote http://m.22bet.com/slots/ or a shop among young adults. To make your brand popular among zoomers, follow these tips

Visual Storytelling

One of the greatest values for zoomers is impressions. Give them the gift of visual storytelling. Introduce consumers to your company through sincere, heartfelt, and honest stories that bring the brand or product to life through words and pictures.

Apply different methods:

  • Photos.
  • Illustrations.
  • GIF animations.
  • Infographics.
  • Videos.

Hybrid formats work effectively – games, flash mobs, video conferences, series of dynamic and static images. A traditional story includes elements of brand style, an idea, a hero and an anti-hero, between whom there is a conflict, a universe.

At the end comes the denouement and the audience learns the reasons for the hero’s victory or defeat. The main focus of storytelling should be on the emotion leading to the purchase.

You can use fictional or realistic plots for stories, and create branded mascot characters. Don’t be afraid to show the behind-the-scenes work of the company, tell about the ideology and philosophy of the brand, the employees, and the experience of other customers. Everything should show an active social position.

Social Networks

Social networks are the main channel of the presence of the zoomers. They spend at least a third of their total time online here. About 85% of young people go on social networks every day. If an online store or even a bank does not have an account on Instagram, Facebook, or its own Youtube channel, it is urgent to create one. Otherwise, it will be hard to reach the younger generation.

Personalize the brand, broadcast its values and principles of work through social networks. Be involved in the fundamental positive changes, integrate into the consumer environment, support a pronounced social motive in the behavior of the zoomers.

If possible, it is worth getting involved in topics of charity, ecology, and spiritual growth. By identifying with brands, teens prefer to choose products from specific brands. To do this, the company should be associated with views close to the audience.

User-generated Content

To make content on the site and on social media look convincing, make it sincere, honest. Avoid unnecessary staged elements, unnaturalness. Z audience likes to communicate with real people and doesn’t particularly welcome photoshopped professional photos.

When creating content, use:

  • Simple and straightforward speech, without complicated terminology or intricate expressions.
  • Emotions, excluding the academic language, dry phrases
  • Humor, irony, real stories, and stories that illustrate the philosophy of the brand and product.

It is important to anticipate and be ahead of the trends. Avoid long, extended formats like long-form reports, long posts, and commercials. Instead, include short photo and video ads, gifs, and emojis.

Blogger Integrations

Direct advertising seems pointless and irritating to young people. When choosing products, the Z-generation is guided by available information online and real reviews. Opinion leaders have the greatest authority among young people.

About 70% of modern consumers make purchasing decisions based on their recommendations. Therefore it is profitable for the companies now to invest in influence-marketing.

Find one or more influential bloggers in the niche. The best option is to work with micro and macro influencers who have between 2,000 and 100,000-300,000 followers. They have the most loyal and engaged audience, with a high probability of listening to advice and recommendations.

Advertising from bloggers with millions of followers is perceived as spam, but they sell ads on their profiles for higher prices. So, it can be quite ineffective for your financial situation.

Chats and Messengers

Another productive way to interact with Z is by communicating in real-time in chat rooms and messengers. In this situation, it works even more effectively than email marketing, which is actively used to communicate with the X-generation. A Zoomer is more likely to open a messenger message or push notification than a traditional email.

Messengers are equally accessible on computers, smartphones, and tablets, and have a high level of engagement. Messages received in them are opened almost 100% of the time. Through messengers, you can provide 24/7 customer support, take orders, communicate with your Z-audience, and distribute useful content. Do not forget about maximum personalization, serve the content carefully, not intrusive.


Young people are characterized by a short attention span. So, retargeting is an important aspect of attracting Generation Z consumers. It helps to recall forgotten and overlooked information, to retain audience loyalty, to achieve sales.

Retargeting should be done through media advertising, social networks, and banners. But it is recommended to limit the frequency of such messages. Excessively frequent communication tires potential buyers and is perceived as pressure. Zoomers do not expect brands to sell directly, but to genuinely care and help.

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